Friday, August 26, 2011

Sailor Moon RPG toy mass + new cosplay photos + Boston comic shop hosting Sailor Moon manga release party

I recently got a Kaleidomoon Scope, new SHMR and a SuperS Chibimoon locket in a trade. Now I have all of Sailor Moon's wands! Besides, you know, the Eternal Tier extenders.. and that SMW version crescent moon wand.. well, I definitely have all of Chibimoon's lockets now, lol. I also finally have enough RPG toys at my apartment to do some of those pictures where you throw all the RPG toys together.

Sadly, a few days after taking this I decided to sell my extra SHMR and Luna Pen. I need the money, and I want to get a Luna Pen in the box eventually anyway. I also have a NQS tiara on the way, but I don't know when I'll get it out of SMJ storage. I'm so happy to be building up my RPG toy collection again ^_^ I love my new RPG toys!

Since I'm out of college, I think it's time to move the rest of my collectibles, or at least start. I really can't wait. In retrospect, I don't have much more, but a lot of the items are really special to me. They're the first pieces in my collection.

I'm thinking of making some cosplay items to sell on etsy and eBay. I already made some heart-shaped inner senshi resin brooches and I'm working on Super Sailor Moon earrings, hairclips, R and classic brooches, and maybe odango shields and Eternal senshi earrings. Are there any items you guys would like to see me sell?

Speaking of cosplay, I went to Otakuthon a couple weeks ago and had a blast. It was my first time in Canada. I only cosplayed briefly, but did a shoot with Kevin of and was happy to see them posted rather quickly.

I loved this door and another really ornate door we shot by, because they remind of the door of time in the way that everything reminds me of Sailor Moon (applying to work in a jewelry store? It's just like in Sailor Moon! Looking up at the night sky? Omg! Sailor Moon! I'm sure you can relate...). Maybe next year I'll cosplay Sailor Pluto. I was also in this video! I think I'm going to make a Sailor Venus cosplay next.

Finally, there's a comic shop in Boston that's holding a Sailor Moon manga pre-release party! You can find out more about it on sailormoonfans. They have a reservation list apparently, so don't forget that. I'm hoping to go with Dan of smuncensored. Are any of you planning on going? I'll probably cosplay either Usagi or Minako (probably Usagi) and I hope to see you there!


~CyCyN~ said...

Oh my! Congrats on your graduation!!

Gah! Those pictures with all the RPG items together are so pretty, and they sparkle!! *0*

And as usual, your cosplay is amazing, I love pics of you, they're like... so rare. When you see one it's like a cool find xDDD!

MoonBunny said...

Love doing those photos of the RPG stuff all together! Yours is really lovely! Congrats on getting the NQS crown, it's a lovely item ^_^

Holly Tsukino said...

Thank you CyCyn! And yeah I don't like to post too many pics ^^

I love those photos too MoonBunny, I was so happy to finally get to do one ^^ I can't wait to do another one whenever I move the rest of my stuff up here! And I've wanted the boxed NQS crown forever.. I don't know why I like it so much.

Go Onwards said...

you are cute cosplayer :), keep work :)

Brandon Smith said...

lucky i got the R wand World S PGSM crescent moon want. i so want the crisis cup the crescent moon wand with the crystal on the 10th anv one so cool