Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Sailor Moon Hot Topic T-Shirt!! UPDATED with more new shirts!

Guess what guys! A NEW Sailor Moon shirt just showed up online at Hot Topic! Although GE released previews of new items first, this is the first new piece of NA merch that's actually available to buy. I just plunked down $28 shipped for it.

It shows the Italian logo and if you look at the tag, you can see the same logo (thanks Ochiba for pointing this out!) The description reads:
"This fitted white tee features a front screen of Sailor Moon posing with her cosmic crescent wand."
Hmm.. uh-oh. I wonder where they got that from? Ah well...

Apparently, it's an "online exclusive" item. I know a bunch of Moonies have already bought it; hopefully we can show them we mean business!

Thanks to Sakky for posting this on Facebook!

UPDATE: THREE more shirts have been released!

It seems like people who didn't like the first shirt much have found a shirt among these they really like. I hope there's something for everybody! Personally, I really love the first shirt. I already got notification it was shipped too - I'll get it within one week. It's all happening so fast! *swoons*
Of note: the website calls them the "Sailor Senshi." Hmmm, no Scouts or Guardians? On the other hand, we got "Cosmic Crescent Wand" earlier and I can't see them using that name this time. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this.

What shirt do you like the most? BTW, since there's been some confusion about sizes - you can find a sizing chart for Hot Topic here.


Sailor Crafty said...

I am freaking out about this shirt, but I have no idea what size to order...I usually wear an adult small. What size did you get?

Holly Tsukino said...

Same here, I got a small. They have a size chart which is pretty helpful: