Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Latest Italian Merchandise/Luna Pens, Luna Pens Everywhere! (Updated with pricing!)

I'm really behind on this one, but I'll post about it anyway because I'm really excited about it. As most of you already know, Italy is coming out with even more new merchandise in the next few months!

The sad fact is I just haven't bought much Italian merchandise. It's not that I don't like it; I bought that Luna Pen, but I've just wanted to put my money elsewhere. When this stuff comes out though, I want to put in a big order to Muscara. I'd like to catch up on all the Sailor Moon magazines, since I thought it was surprisingly enjoyable to look through and I like the small gifts. I also want to get the new Crescent Moon Wand, as well as some of the exercise books and other cute school supplies. Anyway, here's the stuff I'm excited about. All images are from

Okay, this is pretty significant IMO. Why? We haven't seen a real Luna Pen since the first run of Sailor Moon in Japan and Europe. It didn't come out in in the 2001 SMWorld line and we never got it in America. But here it is, a brand new one! I guess I shouldn't be surprised after they released the magazine version, but I am. This looks like it's pretty much a copy of the older Luna Pen, except that the gold is more subdued rather than shiny. These are just prototypes, though, so that could change.

A cute new watch! I definitely want this. It's just so.. cute.

And a Super Sailor Moon doll! Though I passed on the other new Italian dolls, I might pick up this one. I like Super Sailor Moon and I like their take on her fuku here.

According to, they think this stuff is coming out in September. Why I don't know, but if that is indeed true, September is pretty much going to be Moonie Month between this stuff and the manga finally coming back to America.

I can't wait to buy this stuff and support the revival, and see what else Italy comes up with. I gotta say, the packaging is really growing on me. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I wonder if the new NA packaging is going to look like this (at this point I'm clearly just assuming we're going to get toys like this - like I said before I think it's very likely). What do you think of the new stuff?

EDIT: Shortly after posting this, added some new information about the merchandise, including ads. They also list a store where you can preorder the new toys, but add that these will be available "by the end of the year." The linked site,, estimates "end of November to 15 December," not September, as was originally speculated. Trying to cash in on some sweet Christmas gift money, I suppose. For some better news, has prices listed and they're not bad! The Luna Pen is the cheapest, at about $12, not including shipping. The watch is slightly more expensive, and the Super Sailor Moon doll is a little over $30. I paid about $60 for an out-of-box 1992 Luna Pen so I'm pretty happy about this. I suppose these are pretty typical kids toy prices, but we're so used to paying hundreds for old toys that this seems really cheap.

EDIT2x: Commenter SailorSuited tried to preorder the Luna Pen from, only to discover shipping was fairly reasonable.. if you actually live on the moon. Cost of shipping one Luna Pen to New Jersey is $75 through their site! For those of you wanting a Luna Pen, I recommend either 1. Waiting for them to pop up on eBay or 2. Buying from When I got my Luna Pen/magazine set from them, shipping was around $15 USD from Italy. You can read my review of them here. It's where I plan on buying my Sailor Moon Italian merchandise!

I noticed that their estimated weight of the Luna Pen is 2kgs.. yeah, right. So that might be why. Other items on their site have similarly ridiculous shipping costs, with a Crescent Moon Wand supposedly weighing 7 lbs. Weird.


Sakky said...

I'm getting both the Super Moon and the Pen when they come out. I am really excited about the Super Moon because it's supposed to talk :D Albeit, in Italian I assume, hehe.

I think it's unlikely that we would get the same merch since GP is an Italian distributor. Unless some company here got the rights to distro it? I'm not really sure how stuff like that works though...

The logo will be the same for all the International releases it seems, so we will see that!

Holly Tsukino said...

I don't really know how it works, either. I heard that we'll be getting the same logos and "art" as mandated by Toei. I don't know what that extends to.. obviously the images of the senshi appear to be the same on the new NA stuff as on the Italian things. I guess that's doesn't necessarily mean packing is the same though.. which is both good and bad I think. I like the Italian packaging but I also like variety! I'll buy two things that are the same if the packaging is different. It would be kind of a bummer if we got mostly the same stuff and the only difference was the language on the box.

I think the merchandise that shows up in Italy is at least a decent indicator of what we'll get here, since they're probably making what is most feasible/profitable and what their marketing department determines kids want. And like, some stuff ALWAYS shows up in every country whenever Sailor Moon stuff comes out (like the Crescent Moon Wand and Cutie Moon Rod). I assume it's what is easiest to make and/or sells the best. I heard that they will not be making the Star Locket in Italy because it's too expensive, which makes me think that we probably won't get one here either. If the Luna Pen sells well I think it'd be more likely to get it here too. Dolls will definitely be different. I dunno, sorry for the wall of text, but I think it's a very interesting discussion! I wish I knew more...

SailorSuited said...

Thanks for posting these updates about Italian merchandise! I'm very very excited about the luna pen! I immediately went about pre-ordering it from that Italian site...but...

Pen: €8.15
Shipping (to New Jersey): €53.00 (ahhhgh! :O)
Tax: €10.19
TOTAL: €71.34 = $100.83

OUCH. :( :( :(
I couldn't go through with it, lol. I suppose I'll wait til they start to pop up on ebay...

Holly Tsukino said...

Oh my gosh, that's ridiculous! Even from Italy shipping shouldn't be too high. Personally I'm planning on getting mine from They're reliable, and their shipping is MUCH more reasonable.

Holly Tsukino said...

Updated post to contain new information. Thanks for letting me know, SailorSuited!

Sailor Crafty said...

I also really like the new packaging. It looks super up-to-date and appeals to the squealing little girl in me with the sparkles/pink/busy-ness. Also, the artwork of the scouts looks completely new, but I'm not sure if they just added more highlights and updated the colors, or if it's completely newly drawn. Any ideas?

Holly Tsukino said...

It's newly drawn! It's this guy, Marco Albiero:
What's awesome is that he did a bunch of Sailor Moon fan art before. Most of the stuff on that page is years old.

Anonymous said...

Wow I´m so excited!!!
I can`t wait anymore:):):)
I want the new Luna Pen, it´s soooo pretty;)
But when will the new Luna Pen come out???