Monday, July 11, 2011


Even though I don't keep up with my blog/tumblr/twitter/livejournal/life very well, I do keep up with Sailor Moon merchandise. So I was just as excited as anybody to find out there's new AMERICAN merchandise on the way. Yes, you read that right. American, as in America. As in they will be selling it to Americans in America, in stores in America. (Not to exclude other North Americans - I hope you can understand my excitement though ^^;)

The company making the stuff is Great Eastern Entertainment. You've probably see their stuff if you've ever been to an anime store or convention, and I think even typical mall stores like FYE carry their stuff. On one hand, a lot of their products are pretty mediocre quality. On the other hand, they do have some interesting stuff. Like for Gurren Lagann, they actually offer decent cosplay supplies - hoodies and accessories modelled after the show, rather than just merch with stock pictures from the anime slapped on them like is so common. So I'm pretty excited and hoping they'll sell some clever stuff. And what we've been given previews of is fantastic! Anyway, enough of my blathering, let's look at the merch itself...

Cards! I'm gonna buy these and use them for poker.

Gorgeous new wallscroll! This is probably the only thing I might pass on - I'm really picky with posters and I don't currently own any wallscrolls. But if I found it on sale, I would buy it, of course. I'm really impressed with the aesthetic they're using - it's such a change from the old NA art.

Group notebook. I also really like the notebooks they're coming out with in Italy. Whenever I order from Muscara next I plan on buying a few ^^;;

Aaaaand a new folder. So cute! I LOVE that they are using art of the items! This is a must have. I can't wait to buy all this cute new school stuff, and then never use it since I graduated from college.

Link to GEE's website

No idea when this stuff is going to come out. It just says "coming soon" on the website. A lot of people are wondering what this means - will we get an anime announcement soon? Honestly, I would be so much more surprised if we didn't. Sailor Moon is a huge franchise they've been trying to bring back for years. We have the manga and even new merchandise already. The only thing, to me, that is really up in the air is how big the comeback is going to be - we'll get new merch in some stores, but are we ever going to see wands, lockets and dolls on the shelves of every toy store again? We'll get new DVDs, but are we going to be able to tune into Cartoon Network and watch the dub? I think that's all very likely too, but we'll just have to see.

What do you think about the new merchandise? How big do you think the revival will be in North America?


Sailor Crafty said...

I think the revival will be huge. The amount of Sailor Moon cosplayers and Deviations on DeviantArt and the fierce competition on eBay for the rare items...the demand has been there for 20 years and still strong :) PLUS. They will have a WHOLE NEW generation of little girls that can share the love of Sailor Moon with their Moonie parents...*sigh* it will be like the Silver Millenium made real...I am really geeking out about the fact that new merchandise is out there. It's only a matter of time. Let the sparkly revolution begin all over again!

Holly Tsukino said...

I agree! They have a pretty healthy built-in market, and there are *already* younger-generation fans too, which is just awesome. I wonder if Sailor Moon is always going to cycle like this.

Angel said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for the update. ^___^ I love Sailor Moon goodies and am happy to see the series revival!!
New fans will fall in love with it and old fans will all over again if they show it on TV~ I want that notebook! I also like the new logo design!

Sailor Crafty said...

Also, I just had to giggle at the overuse of the "doily" background in the poster. Classic Sailor Moon, but not my first choice for background...I would love to just have a cutout of the scouts and put it straight on my wall. :)