Thursday, April 7, 2011

Korean merchandise!

As some of you may have noticed, a couple of eBay sellers started posting rare, sought-after Korean merchandise in large groups at very reasonable prices a few weeks ago. Some people worried that it was a scam, since nobody had seen some of these plush on eBay in - well, years, even - and all of a sudden somebody was posting ten at a time. I guess the general consensus is someone found an old box of Korean stuff. Anyway, I got my items this week and other people have gotten their things too, so these sellers are definitely legit!

Although I wanted the satin cat plush, the excellent figure, the 11" doll and.. well, everything from Sonokong really, I decided to hang on to some of my money for Anime Boston and just buy the fuzzy plush and a rare cat item I'd never seen before. Besides, since so many are being posted now, it means there's a lot more on the English market and (hopefully) prices will stay low in the future. Anyway, here's what I got. You can click on any of the photos to view a larger size.

First up: the fuzzy cats! One quirk on the cat boxes is that Artemis is shaded in grey, like Diana. When I first saw pictures of the Korean cat plush I thought that it was just lighting, but it's actually pretty consistent on all the box art.

My question is why did they go to the trouble? All the Artemis merchandise is white and I know I've seen these particular images before and Artemis was white in them, too. Weird. Another thing that a friend pointed out - Moon is transformed, but Minako is in casual wear. Overall, though, I think the Korean packaging is very cute. The boxes themselves aren't in the best condition, even though they were packaged for shipping very well, which lends to the "someone found an old discarded box of Korean merch" theory.

The plush! First thing I noticed was that these are a bit larger than the Japanese Luna & Artemis. Luna is dark blue - I like how her color varies from blue to grey to black on all the various merchandise. Her eyes are blue too. Apparently another user in serasell got a fuzzy Luna plush with brown eyes, so I guess there were a couple of different productions of this plush. I wonder if there's a grey Artemis somewhere. LOL.

This next item was the most exciting to me. It's a cute Luna backpack! I had never, ever seen it before. Isn't it weird how after like 15 years, "new" merchandise is still popping up? Korean merchandise in particular has always been pretty rare and mysterious. I didn't even know about the Korean excellent figure until last year. I wonder what else is hiding in Korea.

Weirdly, the front shows Sailor Moon wearing the Artemis backpack instead of the Luna one. Also, Artemis is white! But the clip art on the back shows him grey again.. hmm.

Anyway, this is a really cute, soft, and pretty well made backpack. It has a side zipper pocket, and the top opens and closes with a drawstring. The top flap with Luna's face on it snaps shut with a gold magnetic enclosure. Though it looks small, it actually has a decent amount of room in it - both the Korean cats fit!

Along with this Luna backpack, a similar Sailor Moon backpack was posted. The colors are cute, but I think it's weird that Sailor Moon has a side ponytail. So I didn't buy it. More interestingly, there's also indication on the backpack box art that an Artemis backpack was made! Sadly, I haven't seen it posted amongst the other Korean merchandise. The only hint I've ever seen of its existence is on the packaging for the Luna backpack, so I think this is extremely rare. I would love to find it some day.


~CyCyN~ said...

Oh wow!!! That's pretty cool!! I've seen these things on ebay as well, but I don't really collect Korean stuff, but they are WAY CUTE! No doubt.


LadyBloodworth said...

If I remember correctly, one of the Korean sellers is a former toy shop that is liquidating it's assets.

Your correct, there is an artemis backpack. Although no one has it for sale at the moment you can see a picture of it that someone posted here

To me, the Korean Sailor Moon Merchandise line is rather odd at times in terms of what they produced because there isn't a set standard they stuck too. They seem to have jumped around producing a little bit of each type of toy. It's kinda fun to see what will pop up every now and then so I'm glad there seems to be a surge of sellers from there posting items ^_^

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Sailor Moon with a side pony is really weird. I wonder why they would do that?

The plushes are cute and so is the backpack. It's so weird how much variation can happen with certain products. I've never even seen Korean stuff except for some dolls that were Korean. I wonder why they're so hard to find!

I'm still wondering what is going to go on with the toy licensing when Sailor Moon is re-released here. Don't you? I have my hopes up!

Holly Tsukino said...

I love you CyCyN ;___; please forgive me!

@LadyBloodworth Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense. And I still can't believe I've never seen that Artemis backpack before. Thank you for showing me! I wonder where she got it...

@Lauren I've always wondered that about the Korean merchandise too. I have my hopes up as well about the US merch. Honestly, I would be more surprised if they DIDN'T rerelease the anime here. When they posted that April Fool's article on smfans and I just caught the headline I was just sort of like "well, it was pretty much inevitable."
But I dunno about toys. I hope at least we'll get some stuff like they usually put out in stores like FYE for popular anime series. Of course I have my fingers crossed for a full-blown revival.. it's not that unlikely I think.

saigo_no_oni said...

i love your photo of the kitties in the bag!!! >w<

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Isn't it going to be so weird to see Sailor Moon stuff in stores again? I was thinking about this yesterday and how SO TOTALLY STRANGE it's going to be to see stuff like keychains and all that actually in stores and readily accessible... it's been SO LONG. This is going on the assumption that they'll release some merchandise and like you said, I don't see why not.

Bunnylove said...

I always been in love with those korean items and i never though i will have the chance to buy them one day (especially for those good prices). My favorite is the Excellent figures. I saw her on ebay some years ago and i lost the auction.So, i was so happy to see her again on ebay :)

Sarah B said...

Artemis Backpack on eBay HollY!!!
Item number: 350459430581

Holly Tsukino said...

Awww, thank you so much for finding it for me Sarah ;___; I really appreciate it! I couldn't afford it at the moment though :( but this really does increase my hope of finding it again in the future.