Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Italian Luna Pen


I got my Italian Luna Pen today! I ordered it on the 26th of March, and it actually arrived Saturday the 9th, but it was a signed delivery and I was unavailable, so I had to pick it up myself. Considering it came from Italy to upstate New York, I didn't find the shipping time too unreasonable. Anyway, I thought I'd post a little review of the Luna (or "Lunar") Pen and the magazine it came with! You can click on any of the photos for a larger version. Here's how the package arrived:




The pen itself cost 15.00 EUR and the shipping cost was 10 EUR, so the total was about $36 USD. This is competitive with, and mostly cheaper than, what I've seen listed on eBay.



Front & back of the pen & magazine. I really like that the plastic blister packaging on the pen slips off so you don't have to damage the packaging at all!


The gem on the end of the pen is actually a somewhat translucent plastic. It's a nice touch that doesn't show up very well in the photos I've seen.


Like the Japanese Luna Pen, this pen breaks open in the middle and only the bottom part can be used as a pen. This always disappointed me; it would look much cooler if it were a clicky pen, or if the bottom half was the cap instead. Ah well. All in all, it's definitely cheaper in every way when compared to the Japanese Luna Pen, but is still a fun toy and it's nice to see a new design. Hopefully later I will make some comparison pics; I stupidly left my Japanese pen at my apartment even though I probably need it at Anime Boston in two weeks.

Next, here are some pictures from the magazine! I was sort of thinking of just selling it but it's actually really fun to look through. The artwork and presentation is very nice. Disclaimer: I can't read any of this, not even a little bit.


The beginning of the magazine has a few pages dedicated to Ami. I don't have the first magazine, but I'm going to venture a guess that each once will have a few pages dedicated to a certain senshi at the beginning. However, they all have a little section in the magazine, including Tuxedo Mask/Milord and the cats. Here are a few samples:


Girl Power! Section.


Mercury planetary facts


Rei's fashion section


Makoto's cooking tidbits


Minako's manicure advice


Artemis recycling tips (I found this amusing for some reason)


My favorite section! The clip art of the items is soo nice.

All in all, had great service, the Pen was pretty much what I expected, and the magazine was a nice surprise. I can't wait to see more stuff from Italy!

EDIT: I didn't notice it when I was making this post, but it was brought to my attention in the comments. The gem on top of the Luna Pen actually has lip gloss in it! What a cute surprise!


~CyCyN~ said...

Oh cool! It's awesome how you even took us through the unpacking and all, I felt like I was actually there!! :D!

It's great that you've included pics of the magazine as well. It's an interesting take. Specially the recycling and the cooking, I mean, all related to Moonie stuff, yet there are those nice useful tips too!

Sniper said...

Huh, I always assumed the Luna Pen was the twisty kind. The magazine art is adorable.

dull_flame said...

That's awesome!

Maybe I won't be poor soon and can get my hands on at least one cool Sailor Moon thing.

Angel said...

They did such a lovely job on the magazine!! It's so lively and cute.
:) Great new item!

Holly Tsukino said...

@CyCyn aww hehe that's so cute ^_^ I've had fun doing the last couple of posts, I kind of want to make more like this.
My boyfriend was really surprised they have a Sailor Moon magazine over in Italy. I guess it's kind of strange. I wonder if we'll get one too? I wish I could read it, maybe I'd learn something about recycling from Artemis lol.

@Sniper @Angel isn't it fun? especially compared to all the old NA items with, like, the worst artwork possible on them..

@dull_flame I hope you can too ^_^

Adrianne said...

In Italy they have magazines for most of the things that are popular here - Ben10 Hello Kitty, pretty sure there is probably a Winkx one and many more based on Italian cartoons too. You can also order these at the Preziosi Collection - although I dont know if they ship internationally and you can only order one at at time. Ive also been trying to let people know you can order the Sailor Moon DS game at and they do ship internationally and its all less than 40 euros (about 60 USD I think) cheaper than anything you would find on eBay

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

It's really cute! I think the magazine is adorable as well. I can read some of it but not all of it. Me and my ~unpolished Italian skills~

My wand came with the same strange packing materials!

mladaofhamelin said...

I got mine from Muscara too, but unfortunately, my pen got smashed (slightly) at the gem part, which caused the gem part to be broken at the hinge as well as to knock it off from the base (did you even know that it opened? You didn't mention it). But it was an easy fix, but there's a hole in the plastic packaging due to the accident...though thankfully I'm not that big of a package person.

I also wanted to ask if you knew what the stuff is inside of the gem, though? At first it looks like clear lip gloss, but it is most definitely not that (I found out by touch, not by attempting, thank heavens! LOL). Seems like perhaps it's stationary related, but it's a very thin gel-like substance...

Also, the third magazine combo came out and it has a handbag. Cute, but probably not something I'd go for, but you might. I'm sure you know about the first combo set with the stationary too.

PS - the Luna recycling page amused me as much...I half expect a "spay or neuter your pets" page in the near future...LOL

Holly Tsukino said...

@Adrianne ah, I see! Come to think of it there are a few show magazines here too - I've seen them for DBZ and Neopets (not a show, of course, but still similar)

@mladaofhamelin - OMG, I actually didn't notice that! it's so unexpected and I didn't look at the gem that closely. My first thought was lipgloss too but it certainly doesn't feel like it, does it? But I checked the back of the package and it says "ingredienti lipgloss" so I guess it is. Thanks for telling me that, I feel dumb for not noticing!

The handbag is cute, I'm not sure if I want it though. I do kind of collect Sailor Moon bags.

mladaofhamelin said...

Oh wow, so it was lipgloss...I looked on the back too after I discovered that and completely missed that. I did notice a picture of how big the replacement insert would be, but you're right, it is lip gloss then...LOL...but don't feel bad about not noticing, had my gem not been busted open, I never would have noticed it either I'm sure.

Bunnylove said...

I love that Luna-pen so much :)

Ponchis said...

I'm so jealous!
where did you buy it from? I tried bidding on the one that is on eBay but sold for like $44 :(
Good thing I get paid friday then I can get SOMETHING cheap from ANYWHERE!

Holly Tsukino said...

Hey Ponchis - I bought it from They're very reliable and it's probably cheaper than ebay, too!

Anonymous said...

:[ sad there out now. I was hoping to buy it for my sister for christmas.