Saturday, February 26, 2011

New accessories, where to buy from Italy, re-reading the manga, and Super Sailor Moon cosplay (again)

I seem to have some trouble updating this.. to be honest, I haven't bought much in the way of Sailor Moon in a few weeks. I've mostly been building up a modest Gothic Lolita wardrobe. I did make a Sailor Moon-esque coordinate though, which I'll probably post when I get some decent pictures.

I'm honestly not too excited about the new Italy toys, though I'll probably buy the Crescent Moon Wand, definitely the Luna Pen, and perhaps a couple of dolls. For those of you who are wondering where to buy the new toys, Ochibawolf posted with information that Muscara is selling some of them! It looks like they have the dolls and trading figures. Muscara has been selling Italian Sailor Moon toys for a loooooong time now, so I would check them out.

So, I was also at Katsucon last weekend! However, I mostly cosplayed Nia from Gurren Lagann. I did wear school uniform Sailor Moon for a brief spell, but don't have any pictures :/ However, I did get a brand new set of manga Sailor Moon accessories, thanks to this lovely cosplayer, who's still one of the best Sailor Moons I have ever seen! Even if she doesn't cosplay it anymore :'( Here's my new brooch:

I also recently got in a big shipment of feathers for my Eternal Sailor Moon cosplay! My cat is OBSESSED.

On the way to Katsucon, I brought my Kindle, full of Sailor Moon scanlations from Miss Dream. Along with the new accessories, it makes me really want to cosplay manga Sailor Moon again and make a new, manga-styled school uniform Usagi! She has so many cute, subtle little accessories that go along with her school uniform, even if they only show up once or twice.

-Communicator bracelet she uses with Ami.
-She has a really cute random bunny tote bag. Also, a bento with.. clovers?
-The lace slip she wears is pretty specific; it has pink ribbons running through the hem
-A handkerchief that Tuxedo Kamen swipes with her name embroidered on it. Probably a detail I can bear to skip, but cute nonetheless.
-I can't find the picture, but I'm quite sure I saw somewhere that her school bag has a keychain of one of her signature bunnies on it.
-Of course, the manga Luna Pen! It's a little different than the anime one and is more like a pen and less like a.. well, I'm sure we've all thought it.

I love re-reading the manga. I have to admit, it's been awhile. I highly recommend Miss Dream - it's a lot of fun reading chapters weekly, and you can put them on your Kindle so you don't have to worry about damaging the fragile Mixx manga! Plus, their translations are better than the original Mixx, too.

BTW probably most of you have seen this, but here's a shot of my manga Super Sailor Moon from NYCC that I really love:

Sailor Moon in Times Square by ~mnemosyneforgot on deviantART


~CyCyN~ said...

YAYYY!!!!! Holly is back!!! And I'm excited you're making a new cosplay!

Can't wait to see progress pics (or final ones). Missed ya! WB!

Sniper said...

I love how detailed the manga is, like her little checkered ankle socks. I'll definitely look into those alternative scanlations.

Elly said...

Holly!! You are too, TOO sweet! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the manga and stuff as I re-translate it. And, it's working OK on your Kindle, right? I've had some complaints about how the .pdfs are rendering on some people's devices. Anyway, I'm so glad to hear you had a great time at Katsu (wish I could go!) and I totally can't wait to see your next Usagi cosplay. <33

Annabelle Price said...

I love that you have a great passion for Sailor Moon.