Sunday, October 17, 2010


An Italian Sailor Moon fan posted this exciting news on the LJ smcollectors community this evening: black and white pictures of brand new Italian Sailor Moon dolls, figures, and even a crescent moon wand!

This comes not too long after a new clothing line was introduced. I'm so anxious to see color pictures of the new dolls and wand!

I'm not sure how I feel about the new dolls yet; the packaging is so new and different! The wand itself looks to be a copy of the older Japan/Europe crescent moon wand, with the three different rings. I honestly don't expect them to make new toys of any items that were never released in Europe in the first place - so probably no Eternal locket or Twinkle Yell. I wonder if there will be a new Star Locket? I'll be pretty happy with whatever we get!

What do you think of this new merchandise? What, if anything, do you plan on buying? I'm not too keen on the dolls, but seeing more pictures could sway me. I'll most likely pick up whatever RPG toys they release - hopefully there will be a lot of them! Sailor Moon is apparently doing really well in Italy, so let's keep our fingers crossed (and our money saved) for a massive influx of new merchandise!

UPDATE: Color pictures of the dolls are here!

UPDATE X2: Color pictures of the figurines, including Beryl and Serenity! Also, trading cards and some cute little Sailor rings!


Aino said...

aww, i was so excited for the release of new dolls when i saw it on Moon Chase. but these may actually disapoint me T^T. of course, these are still prototypes i'm sure, but they seem to have that oversized-head thing going on.

but i am SO getting my hands on any RPG toys!! moonlight stick YAY!!!

xXElysionsPrincessXx said...

I'm not really feeling the dolls at all, to be totally honest. :/ Especially now that the color images are up!
I also don't like the packaging at all. I miss the red/primary colored boxes from the first season in Japan. It's really the only kind of packaging I take a liking to.
And the wand slightly confused me. I would love to see better pictures!

I really like the vintage aspect of Sailor Moon; that's one of the main reasons I collect! Re-release of merchandise kind of destroys that aspect for me. I find it amazing that someone cared so much for a toy that it survived almost 20 years, don't you? The new stuff just isn't the same to me. I also fear the value of RPG toys will go down if they are mass produced once more. The biggest joy I have in collecting is hunting the item down, saving up for it's ridiculous price, and finally buying it after months of searching. It's much more rewarding that way to me than just ordering it hot off the market from Italy for a not-so-high price. :/

However, that's just my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited Sailor Moon is doing well in Italy and all, but I just don't see myself buying the new stuff as a collector.

Holly Tsukino said...

I agree with you on the packaging. The old Bandai boxes were really pretty, and I absolutely favor them over the Irwin ones and even the European and SMW versions. The mini dolls aren't even in a proper box so you can display them. They look like Bratz dolls you can just go into Wal-Mart and buy.

I think the vintage aspect might appeal to me too, although I never really thought about it.. hmm.

I like the idea of getting new cheap RPG toys, but it sucks that my old stuff will get devalued. However, I don't know if it will be so bad.. lots of collectors value the old Bandai toys over any others. The Star Locket is probably at the biggest risk for deflation.

I think I might end up just getting the RPG toys and taking them out of the packaging, then displaying them separately from my Bandai toys. I like the way the wands and lockets look both out of box and with packaging intact, it's a very different aesthetic, but it seems wasteful to buy two versions of every toy when they're so rare ^^;

Sakky said...

Ahhh I don't know. In some pics they look cute but in others they look creepy. >_> It looks like the gloves might be molded on instead of fabric, too. I think it's exciting that there's new merch but I'd be looking forward to wands and clothing more than dolls. I will probably want to get most of it though xD

Chris said...

They look cool (to me at least)...I most likely won't get the dolls (i'm a guy and it's hard enough liking sailor moon without adding dolls to my fandom)...But anywho, some new scans came out of new merchandise, like gashapon type figs...those might be in my future. :)

Is there a release date for anything of these things?