Friday, September 17, 2010

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Shot Glasses + New Dollies!

...Okay, so they're not really shot glasses. They're just child size glasses. But I did buy them with the idea of serving up drinks in them, but I don't really drink much, so they mostly just sit in my cabinet, looking pretty. Not that that's a problem!

The problem with Sailor Moon glassware is that I'm always nervous about breaking it. What if it gets knocked out of the cabinet when I'm reaching for something? What if a heavy pot slides and crushes it while it's on the dish drying rack? Gah!

This month has been a dolls month. I ended up getting 4 new rare boxed dolls, mostly of Chibimoon. Even though Chibimoon isn't one of my favorite characters, I inevitably end up with lots of Chibimoon items because they're so pretty. I got really lucky, and was able to buy all four of these dolls for a total of $155 shipped! I got them everywhere from eBay to DeviantArt.

Sailormoon World Chibiusa: I already had a loose Time Key, so I was pretty happy to find this doll completely intact but missing her Time Key. It's ~destiny~

Henshin Super Sailor Chibimoon: I'm planning to refurbish this doll somewhat . She's missing a lot of pieces, so I've been trying to find/recreate what she's missing and put everything back together in the box correctly. I actually think it's a lot of fun fixing up dolls like this; even if I had a bunch of extra money and could hypothetically buy all the MIB dolls I wanted, I think I'd still want some of these dolls to fix up as side projects.

Bandai Asia Super Chibimoon: This was a steal on eBay, but a few hours before the auction ended the seller messaged me stating it had been damaged, hence the crack on the bottom right. I decided to take it anyway, and now I'm making this into another fixer-upper. I'm mostly trying to track down the insert card that's supposed to come with the doll. For some reason, in addition to her Crystal Carillon, she came with a tiny Pink Sugar Heart Wand o_O

Irwin Super Sailor Moon: I'm trying to collect about half of the Irwin pretty face dolls in the yellow boxes, and this is my second addition. She's mint in box, and the seller asked me very nicely to not post pictures where she'd see them if I de-boxed her! Luckily, even though I don't mind if my items are MIB or not, I just don't have the heart to de-box items that come intact. The packaging is a big part of the aesthetic appeal anyway.

I also just wanted to remind everyone to follow me on Twitter! I update fairly regularly with chatter about Sailor Moon items.


V-V-rae said...

Nice post! i love the time key with world chibi usa. As for the glasses, i keep mine on display with the rest of my collection, i lost several moon mugs to those random things as a child and i learned my leason haha.

xXPrettyNekoXx said...

Can u post the sellers? I don't trust ebay and like knowing other Moonies bought from a seller

Leonie said...

Hi Hi!

If you don't mind, what keywords/search options do you use to find items on Devart?

cheers, oni chan

Holly said...

PrettyNeko - I got the SuperS doll on ebay from seller "mysuneyedgirl". But you can see all the people I've bought from here:

Leonie - I got really lucky and found it on the #SailorMoonCollection group ( It wasn't even listed as a sale, just as someones collection. So now I search for "sailor moon sale," but so far, 98% of what turns up is peoples collection with the words "NOT for sale" in the description...

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Ommmggg I want those glasses!!

Travis said...

I have the insert card that comes with the Bandai Asia Super Chibi-Moon if you want to do a small trade or something. : )

Holly said...

Travis - that would be awesome!! What sort of things are you looking for? Most of my trade items are here:
But I might have some other stuff too depending on what you're looking for.

Sakky said...

Great adds! What a lucky find with the time key, hehe. I'm jealous of your pretty Chibiusa dolls, I need some more :P