Friday, September 10, 2010

The New (bi)Weekly eBay Report

I used to do this as a rough way to keep track of ebay prices and note interesting items that had been for sale each week. Since eBay seems to delete completed listing search information after two weeks, it makes sense to update every couple of weeks, so I don't have to keep checking dates on each auction to make sure they'd ended in the past week (which kind of made me not want to do this before, haha). I'll also tag posts so if you're looking for a specific item, you can find all posts about it and when it's been on sale (rare and expensive items mostly), although apparently there is a strict tag limit sooo I'm not sure how to deal with that yet.. Anyway, here's this weeks' roundup, August 25 - September 9th. Most are Buy it Nows, I will notate better which is which in the future.

-Infinity Artbook -
sold for $700!

-Manga sets - Ignoring shipping, there were several complete sets of all 18 English manga, which sold for: $510, $500, $470, $275 (a BIN)

-Materials Collection -
Sold for $300 plus $30 shipping. A different one sold for a buy-it-now of $129.

-A lot of 6 "Nega Moon dolls" (Irwin ugly-face villains) sold for
$200 with $40 shipping. Seems kind of high..

-Sailor Moon Excellent figure
for $178 and $50 shipping

-Loose Sailor Neptune Lip Rod
sold for $215! It was a Buy it Now so whoever got it got a good deal.

-SuperS DVD Box Set
for $200. It had 10 bidders. This seemed unusual for SuperS. A separate set of all 7 SuperS DVDs (not the box set) sold for $177.

-One Sailor Moon S boxset sold for a similar price. Another sold for $162, another for $142.

-Deboxed Nakayoshi Sailor Moon baby doll for $185.

-Loose Crystal Carillon
for $130 and $34 shipping.

-Italian Heartful Harmony for $150

-Complete set of Toru Toru festival dolls
for $130 and $28 shipping

-An Italian Beauty Change doll
sold for $150 (a Buy it Now). A Japanese one sold for about half that much at auction.

-Loose SMW R Compact
for $140. (I also sold one this week for $100 BIN)

-6 MIB 6" Ugly Face Irwin dolls
sold for $145

-A whole set of those little senshi palace playsets
went for $100 and $45 shipping

-SMW Mini Collection inner scouts
sold for around $140. A different one sold for $120, so not a big price difference.

-Pink Sugar Heart Wand
sold for $110 and $34 shipping.

-Irwin Sailor Saturn
sold for $132. A Super Sailor Moon sold for $120. I was lucky to buy an Irwin Super Moon off eBay for $50 + $15 ship earlier this week ^^

-Mint NRFB Irwin Cutie Moon Rod
for $100 + $20 shipping (even given its condition, this is unusual)

-BIN loose Cosmic Heart Locket
for $125 (another of mine)

-SMW Spiral Heart Moon Rod auctioned
for $114. These have really gone down in price :/ I have two and have been wanting to sell one off and on for awhile, but I don't even know if it's worth it.

-Artbook 3
sold for $100 with shipping.


~CyCyN~ said...

Wow! Most stuff, even the ugly stuff is all going for more than 100 dlls! I'm all for Moonie merch getting appreciated and all, but some of this Irwin dolls just shouldn't cost more than 40...... *shivers at ugly faces*

Holly said...

Yeah, I don't get it! I hate those ugly faced dolls, lol. The weird thing is, it still feels like prices are deflating, though looking at this list you wouldn't think that.. but I didn't really get around to posting things under $100 so there might be some gems there. Maybe next time.

Sakky said...

Wow. Maybe the economy is picking up. I don't understand why those long faced dolls went for so much - I can hardly sell them individually for like $5. Maybe someone just REALLY wanted them. xD

Holly said...

Looking at these prices it seems that way.. but somehow, it still feels like it's not :/

Vanna said...

I just verified that things are a bit cheaper than usual...or maybe I make more money than I used to? Haha. In the past 3 days, I bought an Irwin "crescent moon stick" for 65 + shipping, a kaleid moon scope for 99.50 + shipping, and a spiral heart moon wand for 125.99 + shipping (ALL 3 had their boxes still!! It's a miracle!). In the past I could have sworn these were 2-3 times those prices in previous years. The brooches/lockets seem to be staying in a high range of 200+. Anyway, I've been meaning to buy these wands for years and your blog gave me the guts to get out there and do it :D Thanks so much! I can't wait to play/cosplay with them!

Holly said...

That's awesome Vanna! I'm so glad I inspired you ^^ and yeah, those are pretty great prices. I used to see my version of the Spiral Heart Moon Rod sell for like $250.. now it's half that. Great time to buy, though :D