Thursday, September 23, 2010

My top ten most wanted items

I have a bigger wishlist here, but these are my most wanted items right now, that I haven't bought for whatever reason (mostly because they're some combination of hard to find and expensive and I'll usually only pay a certain, ridiculously low price no matter how much I want the item).

1. Stallion Reve

Come on, who DOESN'T want this item? Considering how Chibiusa hate used to be pretty popular, along with the fact that SuperS is most people's least favorite season, it's kind of surprising how sought out and expensive this is. Unlike the Star Locket, which is a really nostalgic toy, I assume everyone else just wants this toy for the same reason I do: Soooo. Pretty.

2. Luna Pen

The sad thing is, compared to most RPG toys, this isn't all that pricey. But I have this weird notion that I can get it for like $70 and I won't settle for anything more. I almost did recently, but alas, the search continues...

3. Chibiusa's Time Key

I have the Nakayoshi version, the Sailor Moon World version.. I just need this one! I think the last time I saw it, it was about 32,000 yen ($) on Yahoo Japan. I don't even remember the last time it showed up on eBay. As a bonus, it's a small item, and I'm trying to scale down since I move so often and don't want a ton of stuff anyway.

4. Nakayoshi Super Chibimoon Babydoll

It's the only one I need. So pretty! I would also like to have a MIB regular Chibimoon babydoll with her Luna-P and all.

5. R Communicator Watch

Not sure why I like this so much. Probably a combination of "it's rare" and "it's small." One sold as a BIN on ebay not too long ago for $100.. I haven't seen it in an actual eBay auction for awhile, but I imagine it would go for much more.

6. Sera Myu gashapon figurine

I'm generally not a figurine person, although there are a few exceptions, including this.

7. Sailor Moon World Crescent Wand

For cosplay purposes. (I use "cosplay purposes" to justify buying pretty things) Thinking about making one with a regular crescent moon wand and a pretty crystal.

8. Pink sugar heart rod (Bandai Japan version)

Adorable, with all the functionality of the original.

9. Chibimoon & Pegasus Italian doll set

I love this set, and can never seem to find it! How cool is this custom version with Super Chibimoon?

10. Venus 10th Anniversary plush (both small & DX)

I am so in love with the DX plush series! Sadly, I'm not a huge fan of the inner senshi. While I'd like to own all of them eventually regardless, right now I'd really love to have Sailor Venus, since she's my favorite out of the inners after Moon & Chibimoon. I missed out on the small Sailor Venus 10th Anniversary plush recently for $12 + shipping, and of course now I regret it.

What's on your top ten list? Is it mostly RPG toys, dolls? Things that are impossible to find, or just what you haven't gone after yet? Leave a comment!


AmanoUsagi said...

I really want the Sailor Star toys like the head set and the star. I also want the 2 bottom pieces to finish off Sailor Moons Eternal wand.

executeyk said...

The thing that burns me about the Stalion Reve, is that it was on display at a Japanese dept store I used to frequent when I was little and collected sailor moon cards etc. I knew we couldn't afford it so I didn't even ask my parents for it. But I stared at it and I touched it. In hindsight though it was probably only 50 bucks.

Lauren the Lionhearted said...

Everryone wants that Stallion Reve, it's so funny. And I think Chibi-Usa is now a loved character. SM fans are so fickle!

I love all these toys but the one I want the most is the star locket, for obvious reasons.

~CyCyN~ said...

Well, actually, there are only certain articles I want but I can do without the rest, so I only have a "5 most wanted" list.

1. This is like I WOULD TOTALLY KILL FOR: Super Sailor Moon 1/4 scale Kaiyodo Coldcast figure. I've seen it on Ebay a few times, but it's too expensive, it was 1000 dollars... that's just too much.

2. The Infinity Artbook. Same story, too expensive.

3. Nakayoshi Super Sailormoon Babydoll. Actually all the Baby dolls, I only have ChibiUsa, but not the Super one.

4. You guessed it! The Stallion Reve! Like you said: It's just too damn pretty XD!

5. For some reason I've never been able to find the 10th anniversary Sailor Moon plush anymore. OR at least not this version ... WANT IT!!!! Dx!

Holly said...

@executeyk that's such a sad story :(

@Lauren I figure that most people didn't like Chibiusa because she was so annoying in the dub. Or maybe she scared away a lot of fans, so now all that's left are people who actually like her. LOL.

For some reason the star locket just isn't interesting to me. I have picked it up before when it was cheap but always end up selling it to get something else I want. I really love my Marc Jacobs star locket necklace though, so it's just the toy that doesn't appeal to me I guess.

@CyCyn yeah they are getting hard to find! Especially the bigger ones. I see Mars and Venus fairly often but pretty much never see Moon. I got really lucky and found mine like 2 weeks after I decided I wanted to collect them, lol. They are awesome plush and totally worth it!

executeyk said...

Here's an even sadder story- I had a precious collection of sailor moon cards that I kept in a fanny pack. For my birthday, my brother took me to a shop and got me a foil pack of cards. For some reason, being the older brother he was, he threw my new card pack away in the trash!! I freaked out and cried, but he was only tricking me, he didn't really throw it away at all. But, in my hysterics, I didn't realize that i had let go of my collection somewhere, and it was lost forever.

I cried my eyes out at my mom's workplace, and one of her coworkers recommended I look up Sailor Moon on the web. I didn't even know you could do that! I was since kept very busy on netscape gathering sailor moon images. That was my introduction to the internet.

Pardon the story, But I don't often have an audience for sailor moon memories!

Holly said...

That's such a sad story :( one time, a freak windstorm at school blew scattered all my Sailormoon cards. I never found my favorite cards again.

xXElysionsPrincessXx said...

Girl, you should let me take better pictures of my stuff for your wishlist, ;D And then you can do the same for me with your awesome-beans stuff! xD Haha.

My top wanted stuff;

1. Chibiusa's Twinkle Bell. I may be putting one on layaway or getting one for Christmas however. *3*

2. Super Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Babydoll, because she's the last one I need. ;_;

3. Sailor Starlights Yell. Want so bad.

4. Every single Chibiusa doll in existence xD I particularly want the Japanese Chara talk doll in the box. I have it out of the box now, but her hair is messed up and I want a mint one. I also really want the Henshin doll and the world doll x3

5. Sonokong Sailor Moon Korean Doll. I think she is SO cute, but I refuse to spend more than $200 on her. :/ Which isn't working out too well for me.

....I hate wishlists. xD They upset me!