Thursday, September 2, 2010

Decorating with Sailor Moon, part 2: using small spaces

All last school year, I had the tiniest room. Knowing my landlords, it was probably below the legal limit. A lofted bed, strategically positioned to block out as much sunlight from the window as possible, was so low that if I wore heels I'd smack my head against it. And the worst of it was that I paid a couple hundred dollars more than I do now for this privilege (and my CLOSET now is comparable to the size of my old room!). Protip: If you're a student looking for housing, and you see housing advertised as being for students, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. "Student housing" is just code for dirty, run-down and overpriced. However, I did become a master of using small spaces.

Honestly, if you have a small room, the best thing you can do is sell some stuff to clear up space and save your money for a better place. But since that's not always an option, here are some tips for decorating and displaying your Sailor Moon collection in a tiny space:

-Go vertical. Use wall/ceiling space instead of floor space. For example, don't keep plush toys on a shelf when they have nifty little hangers so that you can put them anywhere. Chibichibiusa's room, which I mentioned in my last post, is a good demonstration of this. For storing little items, what I liked to do was save small paper bags from stores I liked (Sanrio, Juicy etc) and hang them on the wall by the closet. Then I'd keep things like gashapon figures or cosplay items in them. You could also put plushies in these. Also, get one of those above-the-door purse hangers if you don't have one already. Alongside my other purses, I would keep my Sailor Moon bags and some plush hanging up on the door. Finally, I saw someone who was using a spice rack to store loose dolls on DeviantArt the other day, which I thought was creative.

-Use TALL shelves! This is sort of an extension of the "use wall space" tip. Tall shelves give off a cozy library nook vibe. Ceiling shelves work really well, too. You may not be able to see your things as well, but they are a little less claustrophobic.

-This is a good time to invest in some of the smaller, rare items you've been wanting. Instead of getting a bulky Stallion Reve, save up for Chibiusa's Time Key. You can buy 11.5" Irwin dolls any time - get a set of SMWorld 6" dolls instead. Buy the small set of 10th Anniversary plush instead of the larger ones (and hang them on the wall!). Start collecting cards or cels. These save space and are just as interesting to have as many more common items.

-Sometimes, you just have to keep things in storage. You can rotate items out, but if you find that you don't miss certain things at all, maybe it's time to sell them? You can use the extra money to buy smaller items on your wishlist.

-Stack items. I don't prefer to do this, but it works if you don't have tall shelves. Stack doll boxes on top of each other, then put loose items on the top boxes.

-Display creatively. TuxedoBunny, whose room I linked to in the last post as well, made stands for all her loose Sailor Moon wands so they can be displayed vertically, which takes up less room than just laying them on a shelf, plus you can see them better. I put all my loose dolls on doll stands, which not only look nicer (imo) but take up less space than if they were sitting. Doll stands can be found in several different sizes for around $1 at most hobby stores. I even found that my Chibimoon babydoll fits on one. (I guess doll stands aren't really "creative", but they seemed to fit into this tip)

Even though my room is bigger now, I still have a bit of a storage problem at my new place. Anybody else have a problem with room in their house? How do you deal with it?


Sakky said...

Stacking is a MUST in my collection. I am trying to keep things grouped by release company but it's becoming difficult so now I've just starting putting things in where ever they fit. I started focusing on getting boxed items but the trouble with that is they take up even more space! (even if they look nice T_T)

I have also started hanging plushies from the ceiling/walls. I take advantage of the edge of the bookcases to hang items too. I even use the front of the cases to hang swings (pressing 55 thumbtacks into these panels of fake wood was really hard T__T).

I haven't gotten to the point where I need to rotate items on display, but I will get there soon. I am not sure if I want to sell items to make space (since a lot of the bulky items are boxed dolls) but I do think I am prepared to store the long face dolls in order to make room for the Japanese and Bandai Asia ones that I'd like to get.

I am considering putting shelving up on the wall over my sewing machine. My husband insists that he doesn't want me to take over that room completely, but I will probably keep micro expanding until I'm told to stop ^_^;;;;

I've also started stacking posters. I don't have a lot of wall space to hang them so they kind of pile up at the bottom of a book case. I feel a little bad about it since I'd rather just hang them up somewhere, but I don't think I'd be willing to sell them all. I have sold a hand full and it hasn't killed me. I might sell some more. T__T

It's funny that you mention the 6" world dolls because those are just the dolls I'm having trouble displaying. I have a shelf that basically fits most, but not all of them. I feel like I'm constantly having to rearrange to make the collection make sense. ^_^

Holly said...

Yeah I've seen a few people hanging swings & plush on the front of a shelf/bookcase. It's a good idea. I have a jewelry tree that I keep my keychains on right now. But I have pretty much all the ones I want, which is only like 15-20.

Haha, just do it slowly.. one doll at a time, until you take over the entire room! LOL.

At least you have a system.. I just sort of put things wherever they look nice XD

Senshi said...

It does suck when you have no space to put all your items the way you want them to look. A friend of mines has so many anime items, she has no more room to the point she has to use the floor and she has a small room. Though I'll pass on this tip to her. ^^

I guess I'm kinda lucky I don't have a lot of items, so I have plenty of room, being poor has its benefits. XD