Sunday, September 5, 2010

Causing nightmares by moonlight: Igel Sailor Chibimoon babydoll (plus black-haired PGSM Usagi doll)

I always thought the Igel Chibimoon babydoll looked incredibly creepy. It always seemed to lurk ominously in the background of other people's collections, arms outstretched, soulless eyes staring right at you.. but I want to collect all of the Sailor Moon babydolls, so I couldn't pass up buying it when I found one for cheap. Thankfully, it's less creepy in real life. Here are some pictures that may or may not haunt your dreams.

As you can see, it's quite a bit smaller than the Nakayoshi babydolls.

Another item I got somewhat recently is the black-haired PGSM Usagi doll. I picked this up in a lot of loose 6" dolls, so I didn't get the playset (which I don't really care about anyway), but she came with all her accessories, including the adorable tiny Luna!

I haven't seen many pictures of this doll online, so I didn't know much about it. For example, I thought her hair was just in pigtails, but she actually has tiny odangos! She probably has the most accurate hairstyle out of all the Usagi/Moon dolls; I was never really impressed with the Korean Sailor Moon doll's "odangos". Overall, this doll is very detailed and looks great.


Sakky said...

Ooo so jealous, I've been looking for that Usagi :P

Great adds! I agree the baby dolls can be kind of freaky looking but they are cute freaky :3

Sniper said...

Omg I LOVE the black-haired Usagi! It's more subtle than the yellow-haired animu one, almost like a non-SM doll but still retaining the cute features. And <3 the loose socks.

Sephina said...

The black haired Usagi is actually a doll from the live action series as far as I know. I love it because it actually makes sense as to why no one knows their identity. They have dark hair, but when they transform it turns the color from the anime. said...

is the nakayoshi doll for sale i want one sooooooooooooooooooooo much! but i can't pay over 100 dollars...sorry
please email me with the answer

bob said...

is the black haired usagi and luna for sale? email me at