Monday, September 27, 2010

Biweekly eBay report + New York Anime Fest plans!

Yikes! I'm three days behind on the eBay report. I guess it's easier to forget when it's not a weekly occurance...
Items are listed in descending order by price. After some point, usually around $120, I stop listing every auction, so there might be something interesting I miss!

-Complete English manga sets: As usual, there were a few: $450, $200 for ONLY 1-11, and, weirdly, some winner of an auction (the others were BINs) snagged the entire set for about $170. However, the seller had no pictures of the manga set and claimed lots of pages were falling out, so who knows?
-A seemingly pantyless Sailor Mars hand painted garage kit sold for $400+$35 shipping.
-Korean star locket, new in box, sold for $350,
-Stallion Reves continue to be out of my budget: Here's one for $305 + $25 shipping.
-Of course, just as I think it might be time to replace my SuperS boxset a friend borrowed years ago, they skyrocket in price. ($300 for the thinpack set)
-Inner senshi IRS star henshin wand sold for $250.
-A Rainbow Moon Chalice fetched $200 + $50 shipping.
-An auction containing both the Materials Collection and Artbook V sold for around $240. This is a good deal, considering I've seen either one fetch $200+ by itself.
-And right away, an example: Materials Collection sells for $220 BIN.
-Really rare Neptune lip rod sells for $200 BIN, with no box.
-A set of all the dub DVDs goes for $175.
-S box set sells for $164.
-"Sailor Moon S anime film book" set sells for $140+$30 shipping. (..I don't really know what this is...)
-Rare Henshin Super Sailor Moon sells for $150!
-Season One English boxset sold for $150 (A BIN, I think), another for $120
-An inner senshi star wand sold without box for $150 (boxes are worth $100 extra apparently)
-Pegasus message orb thingy for $135 (I kind of want this)
-Sailormoon World version Spiral Heart Moon Rod with a little wear sells for $125
-IRWIN Spiral Heart Moon Rod sold for $122, only a little less than its SMW counterpart. Come to think of it, they do seem to be less abundant..
-A set of the 6 6" Irwin ugly face dolls goes for $135 (is that really what they're worth now?)
-BIG lot of Sera Myu program guides sold for $122!
-SMS Chibimoon doll in the pink box sold for $110.

In other news, I'm going to NYAF after all! I thought I wouldn't be able to until this weekend, when I found out I got accepted to model in the Never-Ending Closet fashion show as well as (possibly) the Hangry & Angry fashion show. I get a free pass to the con so I convinced my boyfriend to come with me! I haven't decided which costume I want to wear yet, but I know this: I'll be wielding a Spiral Heart Moon Rod XD

Are any of you going to NYAF? Have some amazing Sailor Moon cosplay planned?


chibi said...

Oh, I own a SuperS film book in Chinese, and it's basically a manga with screenshots from the anime with speechbubbles/captions etc, so it's like watching the anime but reading it in book form.

Senshi said...

Congrats on getting the free pass and the modeling!

I'll be attending NYAF too. I think I'll be doing my Jupiter cosplay again, though I'm not sure.

Holly said...

Chibi - ah, I see, I thought it was something like that. I didn't realize they could be so expensive.

Senshi - Thanks! I remember you saying that before - it seems like it's been ages since I posted about Otakon. Maybe I'll see you there!

Vanna said...

I'm going to a con in UT called Anime Banzai Oct 8-10 :D I will be wearing Super Sailor Moon, and an original lolita Sailor Moon that I'm rushing to get put together. You can see my Super outfit at I also convinced my hubby to be my Tuxedo Mask somehow, teehee~ Thanks to my ebay finds, I now have the official wands to go with my outfits :3

Leonie said...

Hey, the top image you used, is that a display somewhere, also is it showing the original prices the merch was when released>???

hehehe, what a price increase if so :P

Holly said...

Vanna - cute costume! I love the picture with your "Luna" ^^ I can't wait to see the original lolita Sailor Moon.

Leonie - I think so. I'm really glad you can't see the price on the crescent moon wand, or I might cry D:
Though I'm confused why the loose dolls are priced at 1,600 and the boxed ones at 1,300..

Nova said...

LOL, it was interesting to find a post about my purchase. I bought the Sailor Saturn Irwin Doll for $125. It seemed like a good deal to me.

;) Nova