Friday, August 20, 2010

Otakon 2010, my manga Super Sailor Moon cosplay, and Sailor Moon cookies with Miss Dream

So, I went to Otakon! It was my first year there and I had a great time. Sadly I didn't score any sweet merchandise - everything I found was really overpriced. Which isn't surprising, but I actually saw the Infinity artbook priced at $1000. LOL, are you kidding me? First of all, it's rare but it's not THAT rare. And who walks around a crowded anime convention with $1000 in their pocket?

I know I saw the same dealers with the exact same merchandise at Anime Boston too, and I swear some of the merchandise was at Anime Boston 2009 as well. If you haven't sold it in a year, take a hint!

Anyway, I saw some awesome Sailor Moon cosplay, but missed even more. Apparently there was a Sailor Cosmos, an entire S villain group, and supposedly somebody was cosplaying a Cosmic Heart Locket, haha.

I cosplayed too! I actually made a couple of Sailor Moon costumes this time. On Saturday, I wore manga style Super Sailor Moon. I didn't have time to do everything I wanted because dying skirts evidently takes a lot of time, so I'm hoping to rewear it at whatever con I get to go to next. But anyway, here's a picture of my cosplay taken by Droo at the Super Kawaii Magazine booth:

I really regret that my locket was falling off in the picture, but that's the gist of it. Everything was made by me, except for the wand (obviously) and the odango shields. Btw, I'm selling Sailor Moon's pearl hair clips again, they're just like the ones I wear.

I also made a school uniform Usagi cosplay! I didn't get many pictures of it since it was only worn Friday night but it's kind of crappy/inaccurate anyway. I also had a Sode no Shirayuki cosplay, for those of you that like Bleach. You can find that and some other con pics on my DeviantArt or my profile (I'm also starting to blog on DA now, if this kind of thing i.e. endless cosplay chatter interests you). I'm maybe/probably going to be going to New York Anime Fest and AAC, and will possibly have a brand new Sailor Moon costume ~_^ we'll see. I'm also hoping to make a Nia Teppelin (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) costume.

And, I promised a post about Sailor Moon cookies. A few weeks ago, the Miss Dream team, Dan from Sailormoon Uncensored and I got together and made Sailor Moon brooch cookies, Luna pops and senshi symbol cupcakes! Good times were had by all. Here's some of what we made:


~CyCyN~ said...

AAGGHHH!!!! I am SO in love with you as SM, you have no idea, I wish wed have more pics tho, I'd love to take a closer look to your hard work T.T

And the cookies look yummeh, I like the heart locket one. XDD!

Holly said...

I should be getting more pics soon ^_^ Thank you!

Heart lockets are delicious XD

Senshi said...

Cool! I was at Otakon too! I did see a Cosmos, but she disappeared on me before I could grab a pic of her, lol. I didn't see the other groups either. I was at the SM photoshoot in the afternoon, the fire drill pushed the time for it. I cosplayed as Sailor Jupiter for it.

I did see that $1k SM artbook, that was crazy! Oh! Yummy snacks!! Awesome cosplay!!! <3

Senshi said...

Oh! I'll be at the NY Anime Fest. I hope to see you there! ^^

xXPrettyNekoXx said...

Hi, me Vampchick15 from DA! I just noticed... I was the weird black girl watching u for awhile at ur photo shoot. I was really there debating if I should buy the book... and watching u. Even took a really bad photo. In my mind I kept saying 'I seen her somewhere'. Saw the artbooks too... but somehow I over looked the 1k book. At the time I was eyeing the pencil case that didn't come with the pencils

Holly said...

That's awesome Senshi!! I actually didn't even get to the con til after the fire alarm, lol. Are you cosplaying at NYAF?

I still think it's crazy you recognized me from my blog ^_^ yeah those other artbooks were all like $150 or so too.. and it wasn't even artbook v D:

Senshi said...

Yep, my friends and I are cosplay for NYAF as characters from Reborn on Saturday, I was thinking on Sunday or Friday I'll wear my Jupiter costume, depending on the weather. XD