Monday, August 30, 2010

Decorating your room with Sailor Moon, part 1

Since I've moved to a new place and have more room to display my things, I've been thinking a lot about how I want to decorate my room and show off my Sailor Moon collection. Because I already have so many Sailor Moon things, it makes sense to have a Sailor Moon themed room, right? Decorating with a theme like this is really tricky, however. It can easily end up looking cluttered, or too much like a kid's room, which many people don't mind, but I'd like to avoid. I've been looking for rooms that I think are similar to what I want for inspiration. Specifically, I've been looking at lolita and Hello Kitty themed rooms, since they have a similar aesthetic to what I like and are more common than Sailor Moon themes. Here are some I've been using for inspiration:

(not really "kawaii" like the rest, but I think this guy did a great job. Very neat)

(Mentally replace all the lolita trinkets with SM items, the dressform with a great Sailor Moon costume, and the purses and hats with plushies)

Hello Kitty rooms are a good source of inspiration since they're fairly common, and Hello Kitty collectors have a lot of similar items to display (plush, toys). However, the big difference is, obviously, you can get Hello Kitty EVERYTHING - you could make your entire house Hello kitty themed, inside and out, if you wanted to. Plus they market some more well-made Hello Kitty things to adults. Here's a little kids Sailor Moon room that is pretty nice - I like the bedding print better than the NA set and the framed artbook picture on the wall is sorta classy.

Here are a couple of other Sailor Moon rooms I really like. The big difference between these and other collections is that they carry the theme throughout their room, rather than having one big display cabinet/area or a whole other room for their things (like!)

TuxedoBunny's Sailor Moon clubhouse - TuxedoBunny spent all summer revamping her basement into a Sailor Moon clubhouse. Go through the whole album to get a good idea of what it all looks like.

ChibiChibiUsa's room - I've linked to this before, but it still amazes me. I still think it is a little too crowded for my tastes, but she does a pretty good job with the space she has.

What are some good ways to keep your room Sailor Moon themed without just putting lots of shelves with items on them around it? I have a few ideas:

-Framed artbook pictures/posters

-Framing keychains and small items - I keep my Time Key in a thick frame now. It looks a lot nicer than when I just hung it up wherever was convenient, and if your favorite items are small this will give them a more prominent place in your collection.

-Sailor Moon cushions - Sailor Moon fabric is expensive, but would make for some really cute pillows and cushions. You could even make curtains if you found enough of it.

-Dressform - I see a lot of lolitas that have a dressform in their room, and keep one of their favorite dresses on display on it. When I get a dressform, I'd like to display cosplay costumes on it when I'm not using it.

-Bunnies, Moons & Stars - there's not a lot of Sailor Moon decor, but plenty of moon, star, and bunny themed stuff. I had these great star and crescent moon string lights. Sadly, I lost them :( I also have some cute bunny & moon Japanese trays a friend gave me that I keep little items, like jewelry and trinkets, on.

If your favorite character isn't Sailor Moon, you might want to pick a different focus: an aquatic theme for Sailor Mercury, heart shaped things for Sailor Venus, or lots of gothic looking lamps for Sailor Saturn.

Right now, I'm looking in to getting some new display shelves. Then I'll organize my collection and use some of these ideas to carry the theme throughout my room.

Do you have a Sailor Moon room? How do you decorate it?


Senshi said...

I don't have a lot of Sailor Moon items, even though I'm a collector, just can't afford to buy everything. XD

What I did for my room I made it into a moon and stars theme. My bed & pillow have moon and stars. At one point I had paper glow in the dark planets hanging on the ceiling. I eventually took it down and put it near my dolls. I have a lamp/nightlight with the constellations on it. Finally I added glow in the dark stars around my collection. I kept my figures and small items in a display box, so they'll stay safe.

Though over the years I bought a few other anime items, mostly posters & dvds, so I have those around my room too. Mostly my shelves is the only place where I have my Sailor Moon items. Though I wish I had more items, so I can make it really a Sailor Moon themed room. ^-^

The other rooms you've showed look great! *.*

Holly said...

That sounds awesome, Senshi :D it sounds like you take really good care of your things. I think small collections like that are actually better, as opposed to people with lots of rare items that they just stack up on the floor or let get dusty.

Sakky said...

That's such a lovely idea! I wish my husband would let me totally take over that room I have my stuff in. Then I could really go all out like that! ^o^ I guess being married does give me the disadvantage of having to share a space and make that kind of compromise, but I'm happy I at least get to have my stuff out on shelves to look at instead of packed away. For now my goal is to eventually get matching bookcases since the ones that I do have are all different ^_^;

Shelving might also be a good option because you can design the shelves to be on different levels and sort of fit the room and other objects you might have in it. Is this room also going to be your bedroom? The dressform is a great idea. I would love to get a hold of one for my costumes.

Holly said...

Yeah, I wish I could live with my boyfriend, but he might not appreciate all my dolls, haha. Not that it wouldn't still be worth it though~

It's a bedroom/office. I was thinking about shelving too, it's hard to decide what is the better deal, although wall shelves would work really well in my room. But I move often :/

Senshi said...

I like to keep my stuff neat, clean and organized. ^^; I need to take a picture of my collection one of these days. lol

I love shelves because it can display your items really well and you can fit more in one spot.