Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New adds!

I got some new things in today!


My PGSM Artemis plush - he's brand new in sealed box! I don't have the heart to open it. I also have the Luna. I was thinking about making a picture post about them later.


Christmas SuperS Chibimoon plush - just in time for Christmas to be over. Yay! I have all the Christmas plush except for Diana now. If you know where I can get Diana at a good price, drop me a line.


Did I post these before? This is the first time I've put them up. These are some of my favorite Sailor Moon posters I've seen, although I love the Sailormoon World posters and want to get those someday too.

Since the Artemis and Chibimoon plush have been on my wishlist for a long time, they make the third items I've checked off my "Really, really want this" wishlist this month. I usually don't do that well! I also seemed to have managed to get my hands on the rare ChibiChibi keychain, which I'm super excited about. Then, I have some cosplay boots on their way, and possibly some other goodies.. we'll see :)


chibi said...

wow, that chibimoon plush looks so cute :3 Congrats on your finds!

(P.s You look pretty in the pic XD)

Holly said...

Thank you! ^_^

Brad said...

Love that Cosmos!

I have the Artemis plush too! You should totally open it!

Sakky said...

Artemis doesn't talk right? I bet you could open it carefully and play with him a bit :3