Thursday, October 22, 2009

(Almost) my entire Sailor Moon collection!

Do any of you ever suddenly get REALLY into collecting Sailor Moon items? Like, more than usual? Usually, I'll casually check eBay and Yahoo! Japan every day. But every few months or so, I decide I desperately need to add something to my collection, and I'll comb over every site I've ever heard of that sells Sailor Moon goods, refresh eBay over and over, and generally go into a searching frenzy. I tend to go into slumps of apathy every once in awhile, too.. that's when this blog doesn't get updated.

Yesterday, I made a big post on my Livejournal of almost every Sailor Moon item I have! Some of them are only in group pictures, and some have individual pictures taken of them. I decided not to post it here because it would take up too much room, but it's available for anyone to view:
Eventually, I'd like to go through and take comprehensive pictures of everything, as well as set up a better storage method. But for now, enjoy!

Also, I've set up a Twitter account for this blog, but I'm not really a Twitter user so I'm still working with it. It's here.

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Sakky said...

It's so awesome to see your stuff!!! I totally love your set up. I wish I had some classy looking display cabinets too :3 I think you shelves look great though! I'm jealous of you in box Irwin dolls <3 And WOW at the giant SM plush!! :D

lol I have that sound making book now too, isn't it awesome?!