Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sailor Saturn Vivienne Westwood earrings?

When I first saw these earrings by Vivienne Westwood, I thought they were really pretty. And that was about it.

Vivienne Westwood earrings

Then, suddenly, IT HIT ME. I'd seen them before.

Sailor Saturn earrings

HA! Is it just me? Am I just looking for Sailor Moon references in EVERYTHING? (I know I'm not the only one, at least!) Regardless, this is probably the closest representation of Sailor Saturn's earrings I've seen, outside of ones custom-made for cosplay. They're not perfect, but I think the resemblance is nevertheless uncanny. Plus, I always thought the Outer Senshi would wear designer clothes (and one of the dresses Setsuna wears in an artbook is Chanel!)

If you're interested, you can get them at Hervia.


~CyCyN~ said...

Ohh wow!!!! They DO look like Saturn's earrings!! You have a lot of luck find a lot of SM look-alike jewelry from designers (like the time-key necklace and the locket watch thingie) they're are super cute! THX for posting :3

Holly said...

Thanks! Haha, I guess I do have pretty good luck with that. Though somehow, I can never find plain crescent moon earrings; you'd think that would be easy..

Ao-chan said...

Actually this design is ALSO featured REACURRENTLY in NANA all over the place the artist loves placing this design all over the place