Friday, August 21, 2009

DiC Sailor Moon promotion pamphlet - some interesting facts about Sailor Moon merchandise

I happened to stumble across a very interesting post on Livejournal the other day. Vinylprinsesa managed to find a DiC promotional pamphlet containing facts about the Sailor Moon franchise (and she got it for only $5 - lucky!). You can check out her post for pictures of the pamphlet and more information, but here's some information from the "Important Facts" page pertinent to Sailor Moon merchandise:

-"Sailor Moon" is the most sucessful property in the history of children's programming - over 90 million fans and 1.5 billion in retail sales worldwide!
-The cartoon is NUMBER ONE in France, Spain, Japan, and Hong Kong.
-In Japan, "Sailor Moon" is the biggest sales and merchandising phenomenon ever - bigger than the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Ninja Turtles combined!

1.5 billion? And this was put out before Sailor Moon even hit North America, or PGSM came out, etc. If this is all true (and I'm not sure how much it is), then it would seem even more likely that the recent announcements about Sailor Moon being shown in Italy and Japan again could lead to another merchandise boom.

This also brings up a few more interesting questions. I wonder how much money they made with the 10th anniversary merchandise? PGSM? My guess is that it wasn't as much as when the anime was on TV, yet still a significant amount.

I'm also curious what the current resale market is like for Sailor Moon. You could probably get a rough estimate of this if you tracked everything sold on eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo! Japan. Sometimes, it seems like there are more people collecting than before.. but that could just as well be due to more people using Flickr, Livejournal, Blogspot, etc.

Finally, while we're talking about money, check out this post on the sm_secrets Livejournal community and scroll down to the second-to-last secret.

Fascinating stuff.

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Sakky said...

I did a tally the other day. I've only been collecting for 3 years and I've spent a little over $2,000

Give me a few years and I'm sure I will be saying the same thing ^_^;