Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eternal Sailor Moon stuff and the elusive ChibiChibi keychain

I like to collect Sailor Moon keychains, and I finally got the one I really wanted - Eternal Sailor Moon!

Eternal Sailor Moon keychain

Now, I just really want ChibiChibi from this set, and she's getting rather hard to find. It's doubtful I will even use these keychains.. Sailor Moon collecting makes you do funny things, doesn't it?

I also got in this ESM bank:

Eternal Sailor Moon bank

Eternal Sailor Moon bank

I love how her brooch is pink, like the manga!

And finally, for those of you who like dolls, here is a really useful post on the differences between several Super Sailor Moon dolls. She has Japanese, North American, Italian and Hong Kong versions, with lots of great pictures!

I got a few other new things in recently, which I'll try to slowly blog about over the next couple of weeks. I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the earth repeatedly. I honestly haven't had much motivation to do.. anything, really, this semester. But I'm slowly gaining it back. I want to thank everyone who's emailled me questions and comments, even though I haven't updated. It really encourages me. I'm glad this blog is useful to people!


~CyCyN~ said...

We've missed you Holls!! Glad to see you're coming back!

I LOVE that...errr... what is it.. a wrist band thingie?... I like it. XD

DarkLies said...

Do you happen to want to sell the Eternal SM Keychain? ^^