Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sailor Moon Holiday Decorations

I neglected to mention it, but I did finally get the full set of S Christmas plushies. Still no SuperS, but I'm thinking that's going to be my goal next year. here's a picture of all five of them together, along with other decorations of mine, such as frames that are empty:

I don't expect to get any Sailor Moon things for Christmas, except from the two Sailor Moon Secret Santa swaps I'm doing, which I'm pretty excited about. I'm doing a merchandise swap and a handmade swap. I'll update when I get both my items in, and when my secret santas get theirs!

Does anybody else use Sailor Moon decorations for the holidays? ANY holiday, not just Christmas! All I have are my Christmas plushies, but back when I was obsessed with DBZ I stuck a bunch of DBZ action figures on a small Christmas tree one year. x_x;;;

Speaking of trees, for anyone that didn't know - there is an official SuperS themed Sailor Moon mini Christmas Tree, with little ornaments and everything:

P.S. - I've got two extra Christmas plushies I'm selling, and tons of other Sailor Moon things for sale! They're on my journal. If you want something, just click the "Send me an email" link on the right and let me know what it is and where you live so I can give you a shipping quote. Also, give me your feedback if you can (or if you comment here, just link me your blog, it makes me feel better) I have a lot of feedback on eBay if you don't trust me ^_^

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Brad said...

No Sailor Moon ornaments but plenty of Smurf Christmas ones! :D