Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sailor Moon Blow Up Punching Bag

Ah, Sailor Moon blow up items never fail to be interesting. First, there is the Luna P beach ball. Then there's always some kind of generic Sailor Moon blow up doll you see every once in awhile, and while I don't really want to get into what I find so funny with that, I do wonder if I'll get any extra hits on this blog just for using those words together... Anyway. Now, we have the Sailor Moon Blow Up Punching Bag.

As you can see it's a general sort of toy punching bag, 15" tall with a weighted bottom, for little kids to punch and kick. Which is exactly what confuses me. It seems like the intent of this item is to punch Sailor Moon in the face and I don't really want to do that. As a Sailor Moon fan, can I buy this in good conscience? This might actually be the only official Sailor Moon item made for people that hate Sailor Moon. I get that it wouldn't be branded well if it had some Negaverse villian on it, but really? Why couldn't they at least have put Chibiusa on it? (I love Chibiusa and her merchandise, but I know lots of other people don't.) This is definitely the one toy that a Sailor Moon fanatic's spiteful little brother or sister won't mind their sibling owning..
(There is also a Japanese version of this item, which is much cuter and better looking)


Sakky said...

Maybe you could think of it as Sailor Moon is training you to be a good sailor senshi. :3

ochibawolf said...

"There is also a Japanese version of this item, which is much cuter and better looking"

Oh, but of course! Japanese merch always wins against American merch. Afterall, Japan is SM's home country =P

Holly said...

Sakky: Lol! I like that. It almost seems like something you'd see in the PGSM senshi training scenes ^^

Ochibawolf: Haha, originally I had written it up as "it goes without saying the Japanese version is much cuter and better looking.." I feel like in America they only bought a few pieces of stock art and for some reason chose the worst images they could find. That's like half of why the Japanese toys are better, they have very pretty boxes..

~CyCyN~ said...

HAHAHahaha! Yeah, weird. Why would a fan who'd buy SM merch want to punch SM in the face?? I would want to hug it instead. XD!

I guess, producing inflatables like this is just cheaper and with an SM image slapped on it, makes a bigger profit.


jessica said...

CyCyN right. there should have a bad buy on it like a yuma or barel

Brad said...

Haha, yeah that's a bit random. Haha.