Monday, October 6, 2008

This week on eBay: 9/29/08 - 10/6/08

One feature I wanted on this blog right off the bat was a weekly eBay summary, where I talk about interesting items that sold on eBay in the past week and give out price ranges for common high-selling items, like the Star Lockets, manga sets and DVDs. I'll also mention if I won anything and if I've listed anything new (though I might do that separately anyway :D)

There are a couple of reasons why I think this is a good idea. First of all, it's useful to me, because I can look back at "eBay weekly news" tagged posts and hopefully get price ranges if I decide to sell something rare. Second, you can do the same thing! Also, it will be interesting to see how items fluctuate in price over the months, and it may help keep track of how often really rare things show up. You'll be able to see when the last time a Pluto henshin rod showed up at auction... which has not been all that recently, actually.

Sailor Pluto's items are really rare.

It's not a perfectly organized system by any means, but I think it will be useful. If not for anyone else, than for me, and I can just talk to myself here xD But hopefully it will help other people, too.

I haven't decided yet if I want to include links to auctions or not. Linking eBay auctions is useless after about a month. I feel like someone might have privacy issues with linking completed auctions, but it's all information anyone with an eBay account can find by themselves, so I don't really see a problem with privacy. Any suggestions would be great.

So, in the past week - give or take a few days, since I'm just starting - a few interesting items have shown up:

-an Italian Kaleido Moon Rod got a whopping 43 bids and went for $300
-Something I never expected to sell for that much - the S fortune teller, and an item I own and really like - got $143
-A Stallion Reve showed up and went for $192. This has to be one of the wildest varying items out there, price-wise.
-A rare and gorgeous cold-cast 1/4 scale Bome figure went for $227
-A full set of the english manga went for $287
-Now, this is interesting.. a really rare Sailor Moon Duvet cover fetched $366 today. I always wanted a Sailor Moon quilt, but if I paid that much, I'm not sure if I'd really want to sleep on it or not..
-Four unopened Beauty Change dolls ended on the 1st. They were Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Jupiter, and they went as a lot for $342.
-A lone Korean Star Locket got almost $351. Anybody else remember when these things were like thirty bucks, tops?

And that's it for eBay weekly news!

Feel free to give me any and all feedback on this new feature. Is it a good/bad idea? Should I post more items, or fewer?

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~CyCyN~ said...

Absolutely this is a great idea!! I could really use this feature.
Although you right about the pointlessness that is linking to Ebay, but still, I think you should put them.

Ohhh man, you just took my next "I saw it and didn't buy it" entry xDDDD
The duvet. :p

Oh well. XD