Monday, October 13, 2008

This week on eBay - 10/7/08 - 10/13/08

I'm still getting the hang of doing these posts, so don't get too mad if I missed anything. If people like them and find them useful, I will definitely make them more comprehensive and cover more items in the future. So, anyway, here are the highlights of this week's eBay auctions:

-Last week, the highest-fetching Star Locket went for $350. This week, it's another Korean version locket and it got $305 after 50 bids. It was touted as NRFB (never removed from box)

-A World Crescent Moon wand ended on the 9th and fetched $295. This is personally my favorite version of that particular wand, so I'm not too surprised.. this one was also NRFB.

-An Eternal Locket sold for $199.95 Buy It Now. I have one up for auction this week, too (more on that later)

-Someone sold a Cosmic Heart Locket for $285.

-Somebody got a rare Materials Collection with a best offer of $200.

-A lone Sailor Pluto Petit Figurine listed from Japan fetched $182.50. I knew she was rare, but dang o.o

-Last time I posted, an Italian Kaleidomoon scope wand went for $300. This week, it went for $70. Why is this?

I can't find the other auction to compare - I will definitely do this next time it happens - but I have a few guesses. For example, the $70 might have had higher shipping - this can turn people off even if it's still a better deal. The $300 might have had more people at war over it - it doesn't show up often - and since somebody willing to pay more already got it, there was less competition to drive the price up. Maybe it's just timing. I find that if something hasn't gone up for auction in a long time, people are willing to pay a lot more, because who knows when you'll see it again? This is more common with things like the outer senshi henshin rods, though.

My eBay Adventures

I didn't bid much this week, but I did win something I'm hoping to make into something else (oooOOooo, a mystery). I've wanted one of these things for awhile and I'll also be able to make some to sell if it turns out well - and if anybody is interested! If not, I can do something else with them and I'll still have a wicked cool *mystery thing*.

Stuff I'm selling

I also have some eBay auctions of my own up this week. Among assorted random stuff I need to get rid of, I have an Eternal Locket (but I won't let it go cheap, sorry. I kinda like it.). I also have several manga, so check out my auctions!


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