Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Sailor Moon stuff you wish you had when you were a kid

There's no age limit on collecting toys, no matter what it is you like - dolls, toys, action figures.. you name it, and there are all sorts of people out there collecting it. However, there are definitely a few Sailor Moon items that are better enjoyed at a younger age.

Sailor Moon Tent
It's a Sailor Moon TENT! And it folds up into its own carrying bag! This just isn't fair. When I was a kid, if I wanted a tent I had to make it myself out of pillows and blankets, just so I could watch Saturday morning cartoons in peace. Never mind that this came out around the time I was growing up.. they got all of the cool Moon stuff in Japan.

Sailor Moon World bike
It's a Sailor Moon bike. Enough said.

Sailor Moon Vanity table
First of all, I apologize profusely for the cheesy, poorly Photoshopped picture. In my defense, it was a poorly 'shopped photo to begin with. I see this every once in awhile on Y!J, and I still think it's kind of a cool item. Wouldn't this be a cute dresser/vanity table for a girl? I'm not sure how big it actually is since they shopped out the background, but it looks to be a good sized vanity table (for a kid).

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Jo said...

That is some awesome stuff! I really love the tent, I always wanted a little play tent like that ^^

Brooke said...

OMG, Must have the vanity table! And the SMW bike is to die for. Love it! Not diggin the tent so much, though. xD

~CyCyN~ said...

AAAHHH!!!!! This post was AWESOME!!! I sure would have been one happy Moonie child with that stuff. OMG.
I had never seen these O.O!!