Friday, October 17, 2008

Poll results: What SM merch do you like the most?

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted in this poll! I really appreciate it.

The results weren't too far off from what I expected.. I did give people the option to vote twice, so keep that in mind. Here are the most popular answers, in order:

1. RPG Toys
2. Dolls
3. Tie: Figures & ALL OF IT!!!!
4. Plush
5. Furoku
6. Cels

Nobody voted for "cards" or "other" (although I did get some great comments on the original post). "I don't know" and "How did I get here" also didn't get any votes, so I'm glad no Moon Collection readers are confused. XD

What do I collect most often? I have to say, I don't collect cards, except for the occasional one that has Chibi Chibi on it. I don't collect cels. I like them, but it's just not a priority right now.

Other than that, I pretty much collect "ALL OF IT!!!!" The RPG toys were my first favorite things, they are just so.. shiny? XD But in the last year or so I've really gotten into the dolls, and I'm even making a custom doll now.

But since it's hard to collect everything without getting overwhelmed and/or spending all your money, I've decided to limit it by Senshi. Therefore, I mostly collect Usagi/Moon items. It's not that I don't like the other senshi; I think the outers are awesome and I think Chibimoon's items are adorable. (and pink. I LOVE pink.) But Usagi is my favorite by far, so I try to get things related to her before anything else.

Besides her, I adore Chibi Chibi and Sailor Cosmos. Of course, there aren't many Chibi Chibi items, and pretty much nothing official was made for Cosmos, which is where customs come in. Wheee.

Since Chibi Chibi items are rare and I get tired of seeing lots of Yellow, Red, and Blue among my plush toys and dolls, I also like Chibimoon items. I think she's a great complement to all my Moon stuff.

I also like Luna (and Luna-P) a lot. One of the few PGSM items I have is non-talking Luna.

What characters appear most often in your collection? (This will probably be a poll in the future)


Dream-chan said...

Hi there! I think your collection is awesome! I was recently looking for some SM keychains...could you maybe blog about those? They are very cute. Thanks for your time ^_^ !

Bunnylove_29 said...


You're right, it so hard to collect everything ...

Well, characters appear most often in my collection are Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury.

Holly said...

Thanks dream-chan! I don't have many of the keychains myself (maybe about 5) but I really like them, so I might do that some time.

I don't know bunnylove, I think you do a great job of collecting some of everything ^^

~CyCyN~ said...

Moon. Almost exclusively Moon. I kinda like the repetition of the yellow red and blue. xDD

ilikebigtoes said...

In terms of numbers, books is what I mostly have right now XD I've always been draw to key chains through so I hope get more of those.

The character's that appear most is Chibi moon and Jupiter so far

and what want to appear are (more) Jupiter, Pluto, Star Maker, Uranus, ChibiChibi and Pegasus(Helios) XD

but of course they're all rare and expensive kids ;-;

oh I love custom dolls!<3 I'm actually making one too XD

Holly said...

@cycyn: My favorite version of Usagi is really Eternal Sailor Moon, so I guess it's more like.. Yellow, blue, pink, red, white.. XD

@ilikebigtoes: Yup, so few ChibiChibi things.. ;_; What custom doll are you making?

ilikebigtoes said...


a Taiki :3 manga version so its a girl XD

May I ask what you're making?