Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Luna-P beach ball

I came across this awesomeness on Yahoo! Japan:

WANT! I love Luna-P! If it wouldn't end up being over $50 after deputy fees and shipping, I would so get it.

Also, I noticed people are reading this blog already. And COMMENTING! Awesome! And yeah, I know the layout is messed up. I didn't think people would start reading it so soon - I haven't even advertised!

It's actually really really sad because.. my job is web design. x.x You'd think that would mean I would have a good design for this blog already, but you'd be wrong; it actually just means I am lazy and I get home and don't want to do web design XD

EDIT: I changed the site template so ya'll don't have to look at the ugliness. I remembered that I have a test blog for that kind of thing.. stay tuned!


Brad said...

Random trivia: They used that balloon in the Sailor Moon S musical. Haha.

Found your blog via Sailor Moon Obsession. Looking good!

~CyCyN~ said...

Wow, That Luna-P Ball is AWESOME!!!!! I want it too!!!!

I didn't know that about the musicals tho. HAhaa..!

Holly said...

Thanks Brad! And I didn't know that about the musical.. nice Trivia :D