Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Oklahoma Collection

I wanted to kick off the blog by posting pictures of my collection. One of my favorite things to find online is pictures of people's Sailor Moon displays. It's not all that hard to find pictures of the toys and dolls (barring the extremely rare and the less-oft-collected things), but collectors vary so much in what they choose to collect and how they display it, and I love seeing what people come up with. I've seen so many collections that just made my jaw drop. There are even a few I've seen people devote entire rooms JUST to Sailor Moon stuff. (If you're one of these people and you're reading this.. you wouldn't happen to be looking for a roommate, would you? :D)

Anyway, this is what I call my Oklahoma collection, because it's my collection and it's in Oklahoma. I'm a college student living in MA, and I just couldn't carry everything with me when I went to college. Plus my parents have more space, and I move too often. So a majority of things I own I get to see like.. 1/4 of the year or less.

Luckily, I have a few favorite things I keep in my apartment as well as new things I've gotten in the last few months. So this is definitely NOT my whole collection. So many things aren't even displayed here. Like all my DVDs and manga, for starters. But this is a good taste of what stuff I have.


Japanese Luna-P is one of my favorite items, and the Irwin Luna-P was my FIRST real Sailor Moon toy! The little bag on the Bandai Luna-P has the Furoku Time Key in it, and the crappy box on the bottom that's barely in the picture is a HUGE playset.


Ok, you CAN see a couple of DVD box sets here. You can't really tell but there's also an Italian Cutie Moon rod almost obscured by the shelf, and the Dream Pocket box has ESM in it.


The rest of the Irwin dolls. I really had no desire to collect these, but I got them all in a lot with some other things and loved them!

There's also a Crisis outfit and Venus nail polish wand that are SUPPOSED to be in those photos.. where did they go? >.>

When I get some free time and actually clean my room, I'll take pictures of my dresser here in my apartment. It's covered with Sailor Moon stuff.

I also plan on doing individual posts where I look at one group of items or even individual items and take pictures and do a writeup on them. But for now.. enjoy!


~CyCyN~ said...

Ahhhhh, yes, the same situation, we both have our collection divided. u.u so sad.

I too love to look at different rooms!! I hope you let me make a Room of Doom with your pics some day!

Ohhh whats that thing next to Sailor Pluto? I know the one on top is a figure that you put together, but I've never seen the one on the bottom.

Brad said...

I want that Luna P!!! Always wanted one of those!

Holly said...

@cyncyn: Lol, I didn't think my room was.. doomy enough? Haha. And the figure is some random resin type thing you have to put together and paint yourself. I got it in a huge lot of stuff on eBay that was, seriously, just called "Sailor Moon huge crappy lot." It's missing pieces XD When I was at home last, I was trying to actually *make* the missing pieces and paint the figure; I don't know if I will ever finish it, though..

@brad: Thanks for the comment! The Luna-Ps are great items to have.

Bunnylove_29 said...

I would love to see individual pics of your items !!! Your collection is so great !!!