Monday, September 22, 2008

First post

I originally got the idea for this blog, ironically, from reading Hello Kitty Hell months ago. I've been sitting on the idea ever since, and while there may never be as many Sailor Moon things as there are Hello Kitty items, worldwide marketing in prior years and love of customization can go a long way.. and thus, this blog is born. Here I'll post parts of my Sailor Moon collection, things I'm working on, things I'm selling, things I want, and things that show up on eBay/YJ! that I find intriguing. Basically, anything and everything about Sailor Moon merchandise and Sailor Moon collectibles!

Since I love customization and I find things that remind me of Sailor Moon all the time but aren't official items, this blog won't just be the toys and dolls everyone has already seen, but also things I pick up just because they somewhat resemble Sailor Moon items. Black cat shaped clocks? Shirts with bunny patterns? Crescent moon jewelry? (Trust me, I have crescent moon shaped things radar!) It's all here!

So bookmark Moon Collection and check back for updates!


~CyCyN~ said...

YEY!!!!! Welcome to the SM blogging club.

Ummmmm.. yeah, I know there is no club, but .... you know what I mean XD

Can't wait to see all you post!!

Brad said...

Hey there! Good luck with your new Sailor Moon blog! Looks like it's off to a great start!

p.s. Layout looks a bit funky in the Firefox browser. Don't stress though. IE is giving me hell on my site. Ah, browsers.

Holly said...

I see people already found my blog. I wasn't ready! Just kidding, I am really happy people are already commenting. Wow.. I didn't even tell anybody about it yet!

@Brad yeah, I didn't think people would be here so soon x_x I figured I'd give it a week and work on it when I felt like it, and then release the site and nobody would ever know. Oops x_x