Friday, August 26, 2011

Sailor Moon RPG toy mass + new cosplay photos + Boston comic shop hosting Sailor Moon manga release party

I recently got a Kaleidomoon Scope, new SHMR and a SuperS Chibimoon locket in a trade. Now I have all of Sailor Moon's wands! Besides, you know, the Eternal Tier extenders.. and that SMW version crescent moon wand.. well, I definitely have all of Chibimoon's lockets now, lol. I also finally have enough RPG toys at my apartment to do some of those pictures where you throw all the RPG toys together.

Sadly, a few days after taking this I decided to sell my extra SHMR and Luna Pen. I need the money, and I want to get a Luna Pen in the box eventually anyway. I also have a NQS tiara on the way, but I don't know when I'll get it out of SMJ storage. I'm so happy to be building up my RPG toy collection again ^_^ I love my new RPG toys!

Since I'm out of college, I think it's time to move the rest of my collectibles, or at least start. I really can't wait. In retrospect, I don't have much more, but a lot of the items are really special to me. They're the first pieces in my collection.

I'm thinking of making some cosplay items to sell on etsy and eBay. I already made some heart-shaped inner senshi resin brooches and I'm working on Super Sailor Moon earrings, hairclips, R and classic brooches, and maybe odango shields and Eternal senshi earrings. Are there any items you guys would like to see me sell?

Speaking of cosplay, I went to Otakuthon a couple weeks ago and had a blast. It was my first time in Canada. I only cosplayed briefly, but did a shoot with Kevin of and was happy to see them posted rather quickly.

I loved this door and another really ornate door we shot by, because they remind of the door of time in the way that everything reminds me of Sailor Moon (applying to work in a jewelry store? It's just like in Sailor Moon! Looking up at the night sky? Omg! Sailor Moon! I'm sure you can relate...). Maybe next year I'll cosplay Sailor Pluto. I was also in this video! I think I'm going to make a Sailor Venus cosplay next.

Finally, there's a comic shop in Boston that's holding a Sailor Moon manga pre-release party! You can find out more about it on sailormoonfans. They have a reservation list apparently, so don't forget that. I'm hoping to go with Dan of smuncensored. Are any of you planning on going? I'll probably cosplay either Usagi or Minako (probably Usagi) and I hope to see you there!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Otakon & My Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay

Who's going to Otakon? I am! I can't wait but it's going to be really hectic the next few days with last minute cosplay prep. I'm still not really sure to bring, even this late. I want to wear my newer version of classic Sailor Moon I've been working on the past couple of weeks, but I also have a school uniform and Super Sailor Moon I want to wear. But I don't know if I can finish fixing up everything in time! I want to relax and have fun, but I also want to do my best.

I decided not to bring Eternal Sailor Moon to Otakon, but I want to post pictures of it here because I never did and it's going to be awhile before I can wear it again :/ Pictures are from foto.fong on flickr.

Enough about me; are you guys going? What are you cosplaying as? Are you planning on going to the Funi panel, or any other kind of Sailor Moon meetup? I hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Sailor Moon Hot Topic T-Shirt!! UPDATED with more new shirts!

Guess what guys! A NEW Sailor Moon shirt just showed up online at Hot Topic! Although GE released previews of new items first, this is the first new piece of NA merch that's actually available to buy. I just plunked down $28 shipped for it.

It shows the Italian logo and if you look at the tag, you can see the same logo (thanks Ochiba for pointing this out!) The description reads:
"This fitted white tee features a front screen of Sailor Moon posing with her cosmic crescent wand."
Hmm.. uh-oh. I wonder where they got that from? Ah well...

Apparently, it's an "online exclusive" item. I know a bunch of Moonies have already bought it; hopefully we can show them we mean business!

Thanks to Sakky for posting this on Facebook!

UPDATE: THREE more shirts have been released!

It seems like people who didn't like the first shirt much have found a shirt among these they really like. I hope there's something for everybody! Personally, I really love the first shirt. I already got notification it was shipped too - I'll get it within one week. It's all happening so fast! *swoons*
Of note: the website calls them the "Sailor Senshi." Hmmm, no Scouts or Guardians? On the other hand, we got "Cosmic Crescent Wand" earlier and I can't see them using that name this time. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this.

What shirt do you like the most? BTW, since there's been some confusion about sizes - you can find a sizing chart for Hot Topic here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Latest Italian Merchandise/Luna Pens, Luna Pens Everywhere! (Updated with pricing!)

I'm really behind on this one, but I'll post about it anyway because I'm really excited about it. As most of you already know, Italy is coming out with even more new merchandise in the next few months!

The sad fact is I just haven't bought much Italian merchandise. It's not that I don't like it; I bought that Luna Pen, but I've just wanted to put my money elsewhere. When this stuff comes out though, I want to put in a big order to Muscara. I'd like to catch up on all the Sailor Moon magazines, since I thought it was surprisingly enjoyable to look through and I like the small gifts. I also want to get the new Crescent Moon Wand, as well as some of the exercise books and other cute school supplies. Anyway, here's the stuff I'm excited about. All images are from

Okay, this is pretty significant IMO. Why? We haven't seen a real Luna Pen since the first run of Sailor Moon in Japan and Europe. It didn't come out in in the 2001 SMWorld line and we never got it in America. But here it is, a brand new one! I guess I shouldn't be surprised after they released the magazine version, but I am. This looks like it's pretty much a copy of the older Luna Pen, except that the gold is more subdued rather than shiny. These are just prototypes, though, so that could change.

A cute new watch! I definitely want this. It's just so.. cute.

And a Super Sailor Moon doll! Though I passed on the other new Italian dolls, I might pick up this one. I like Super Sailor Moon and I like their take on her fuku here.

According to, they think this stuff is coming out in September. Why I don't know, but if that is indeed true, September is pretty much going to be Moonie Month between this stuff and the manga finally coming back to America.

I can't wait to buy this stuff and support the revival, and see what else Italy comes up with. I gotta say, the packaging is really growing on me. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I wonder if the new NA packaging is going to look like this (at this point I'm clearly just assuming we're going to get toys like this - like I said before I think it's very likely). What do you think of the new stuff?

EDIT: Shortly after posting this, added some new information about the merchandise, including ads. They also list a store where you can preorder the new toys, but add that these will be available "by the end of the year." The linked site,, estimates "end of November to 15 December," not September, as was originally speculated. Trying to cash in on some sweet Christmas gift money, I suppose. For some better news, has prices listed and they're not bad! The Luna Pen is the cheapest, at about $12, not including shipping. The watch is slightly more expensive, and the Super Sailor Moon doll is a little over $30. I paid about $60 for an out-of-box 1992 Luna Pen so I'm pretty happy about this. I suppose these are pretty typical kids toy prices, but we're so used to paying hundreds for old toys that this seems really cheap.

EDIT2x: Commenter SailorSuited tried to preorder the Luna Pen from, only to discover shipping was fairly reasonable.. if you actually live on the moon. Cost of shipping one Luna Pen to New Jersey is $75 through their site! For those of you wanting a Luna Pen, I recommend either 1. Waiting for them to pop up on eBay or 2. Buying from When I got my Luna Pen/magazine set from them, shipping was around $15 USD from Italy. You can read my review of them here. It's where I plan on buying my Sailor Moon Italian merchandise!

I noticed that their estimated weight of the Luna Pen is 2kgs.. yeah, right. So that might be why. Other items on their site have similarly ridiculous shipping costs, with a Crescent Moon Wand supposedly weighing 7 lbs. Weird.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Even though I don't keep up with my blog/tumblr/twitter/livejournal/life very well, I do keep up with Sailor Moon merchandise. So I was just as excited as anybody to find out there's new AMERICAN merchandise on the way. Yes, you read that right. American, as in America. As in they will be selling it to Americans in America, in stores in America. (Not to exclude other North Americans - I hope you can understand my excitement though ^^;)

The company making the stuff is Great Eastern Entertainment. You've probably see their stuff if you've ever been to an anime store or convention, and I think even typical mall stores like FYE carry their stuff. On one hand, a lot of their products are pretty mediocre quality. On the other hand, they do have some interesting stuff. Like for Gurren Lagann, they actually offer decent cosplay supplies - hoodies and accessories modelled after the show, rather than just merch with stock pictures from the anime slapped on them like is so common. So I'm pretty excited and hoping they'll sell some clever stuff. And what we've been given previews of is fantastic! Anyway, enough of my blathering, let's look at the merch itself...

Cards! I'm gonna buy these and use them for poker.

Gorgeous new wallscroll! This is probably the only thing I might pass on - I'm really picky with posters and I don't currently own any wallscrolls. But if I found it on sale, I would buy it, of course. I'm really impressed with the aesthetic they're using - it's such a change from the old NA art.

Group notebook. I also really like the notebooks they're coming out with in Italy. Whenever I order from Muscara next I plan on buying a few ^^;;

Aaaaand a new folder. So cute! I LOVE that they are using art of the items! This is a must have. I can't wait to buy all this cute new school stuff, and then never use it since I graduated from college.

Link to GEE's website

No idea when this stuff is going to come out. It just says "coming soon" on the website. A lot of people are wondering what this means - will we get an anime announcement soon? Honestly, I would be so much more surprised if we didn't. Sailor Moon is a huge franchise they've been trying to bring back for years. We have the manga and even new merchandise already. The only thing, to me, that is really up in the air is how big the comeback is going to be - we'll get new merch in some stores, but are we ever going to see wands, lockets and dolls on the shelves of every toy store again? We'll get new DVDs, but are we going to be able to tune into Cartoon Network and watch the dub? I think that's all very likely too, but we'll just have to see.

What do you think about the new merchandise? How big do you think the revival will be in North America?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Italian Luna Pen


I got my Italian Luna Pen today! I ordered it on the 26th of March, and it actually arrived Saturday the 9th, but it was a signed delivery and I was unavailable, so I had to pick it up myself. Considering it came from Italy to upstate New York, I didn't find the shipping time too unreasonable. Anyway, I thought I'd post a little review of the Luna (or "Lunar") Pen and the magazine it came with! You can click on any of the photos for a larger version. Here's how the package arrived:




The pen itself cost 15.00 EUR and the shipping cost was 10 EUR, so the total was about $36 USD. This is competitive with, and mostly cheaper than, what I've seen listed on eBay.



Front & back of the pen & magazine. I really like that the plastic blister packaging on the pen slips off so you don't have to damage the packaging at all!


The gem on the end of the pen is actually a somewhat translucent plastic. It's a nice touch that doesn't show up very well in the photos I've seen.


Like the Japanese Luna Pen, this pen breaks open in the middle and only the bottom part can be used as a pen. This always disappointed me; it would look much cooler if it were a clicky pen, or if the bottom half was the cap instead. Ah well. All in all, it's definitely cheaper in every way when compared to the Japanese Luna Pen, but is still a fun toy and it's nice to see a new design. Hopefully later I will make some comparison pics; I stupidly left my Japanese pen at my apartment even though I probably need it at Anime Boston in two weeks.

Next, here are some pictures from the magazine! I was sort of thinking of just selling it but it's actually really fun to look through. The artwork and presentation is very nice. Disclaimer: I can't read any of this, not even a little bit.


The beginning of the magazine has a few pages dedicated to Ami. I don't have the first magazine, but I'm going to venture a guess that each once will have a few pages dedicated to a certain senshi at the beginning. However, they all have a little section in the magazine, including Tuxedo Mask/Milord and the cats. Here are a few samples:


Girl Power! Section.


Mercury planetary facts


Rei's fashion section


Makoto's cooking tidbits


Minako's manicure advice


Artemis recycling tips (I found this amusing for some reason)


My favorite section! The clip art of the items is soo nice.

All in all, had great service, the Pen was pretty much what I expected, and the magazine was a nice surprise. I can't wait to see more stuff from Italy!

EDIT: I didn't notice it when I was making this post, but it was brought to my attention in the comments. The gem on top of the Luna Pen actually has lip gloss in it! What a cute surprise!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Korean merchandise!

As some of you may have noticed, a couple of eBay sellers started posting rare, sought-after Korean merchandise in large groups at very reasonable prices a few weeks ago. Some people worried that it was a scam, since nobody had seen some of these plush on eBay in - well, years, even - and all of a sudden somebody was posting ten at a time. I guess the general consensus is someone found an old box of Korean stuff. Anyway, I got my items this week and other people have gotten their things too, so these sellers are definitely legit!

Although I wanted the satin cat plush, the excellent figure, the 11" doll and.. well, everything from Sonokong really, I decided to hang on to some of my money for Anime Boston and just buy the fuzzy plush and a rare cat item I'd never seen before. Besides, since so many are being posted now, it means there's a lot more on the English market and (hopefully) prices will stay low in the future. Anyway, here's what I got. You can click on any of the photos to view a larger size.

First up: the fuzzy cats! One quirk on the cat boxes is that Artemis is shaded in grey, like Diana. When I first saw pictures of the Korean cat plush I thought that it was just lighting, but it's actually pretty consistent on all the box art.

My question is why did they go to the trouble? All the Artemis merchandise is white and I know I've seen these particular images before and Artemis was white in them, too. Weird. Another thing that a friend pointed out - Moon is transformed, but Minako is in casual wear. Overall, though, I think the Korean packaging is very cute. The boxes themselves aren't in the best condition, even though they were packaged for shipping very well, which lends to the "someone found an old discarded box of Korean merch" theory.

The plush! First thing I noticed was that these are a bit larger than the Japanese Luna & Artemis. Luna is dark blue - I like how her color varies from blue to grey to black on all the various merchandise. Her eyes are blue too. Apparently another user in serasell got a fuzzy Luna plush with brown eyes, so I guess there were a couple of different productions of this plush. I wonder if there's a grey Artemis somewhere. LOL.

This next item was the most exciting to me. It's a cute Luna backpack! I had never, ever seen it before. Isn't it weird how after like 15 years, "new" merchandise is still popping up? Korean merchandise in particular has always been pretty rare and mysterious. I didn't even know about the Korean excellent figure until last year. I wonder what else is hiding in Korea.

Weirdly, the front shows Sailor Moon wearing the Artemis backpack instead of the Luna one. Also, Artemis is white! But the clip art on the back shows him grey again.. hmm.

Anyway, this is a really cute, soft, and pretty well made backpack. It has a side zipper pocket, and the top opens and closes with a drawstring. The top flap with Luna's face on it snaps shut with a gold magnetic enclosure. Though it looks small, it actually has a decent amount of room in it - both the Korean cats fit!

Along with this Luna backpack, a similar Sailor Moon backpack was posted. The colors are cute, but I think it's weird that Sailor Moon has a side ponytail. So I didn't buy it. More interestingly, there's also indication on the backpack box art that an Artemis backpack was made! Sadly, I haven't seen it posted amongst the other Korean merchandise. The only hint I've ever seen of its existence is on the packaging for the Luna backpack, so I think this is extremely rare. I would love to find it some day.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New accessories, where to buy from Italy, re-reading the manga, and Super Sailor Moon cosplay (again)

I seem to have some trouble updating this.. to be honest, I haven't bought much in the way of Sailor Moon in a few weeks. I've mostly been building up a modest Gothic Lolita wardrobe. I did make a Sailor Moon-esque coordinate though, which I'll probably post when I get some decent pictures.

I'm honestly not too excited about the new Italy toys, though I'll probably buy the Crescent Moon Wand, definitely the Luna Pen, and perhaps a couple of dolls. For those of you who are wondering where to buy the new toys, Ochibawolf posted with information that Muscara is selling some of them! It looks like they have the dolls and trading figures. Muscara has been selling Italian Sailor Moon toys for a loooooong time now, so I would check them out.

So, I was also at Katsucon last weekend! However, I mostly cosplayed Nia from Gurren Lagann. I did wear school uniform Sailor Moon for a brief spell, but don't have any pictures :/ However, I did get a brand new set of manga Sailor Moon accessories, thanks to this lovely cosplayer, who's still one of the best Sailor Moons I have ever seen! Even if she doesn't cosplay it anymore :'( Here's my new brooch:

I also recently got in a big shipment of feathers for my Eternal Sailor Moon cosplay! My cat is OBSESSED.

On the way to Katsucon, I brought my Kindle, full of Sailor Moon scanlations from Miss Dream. Along with the new accessories, it makes me really want to cosplay manga Sailor Moon again and make a new, manga-styled school uniform Usagi! She has so many cute, subtle little accessories that go along with her school uniform, even if they only show up once or twice.

-Communicator bracelet she uses with Ami.
-She has a really cute random bunny tote bag. Also, a bento with.. clovers?
-The lace slip she wears is pretty specific; it has pink ribbons running through the hem
-A handkerchief that Tuxedo Kamen swipes with her name embroidered on it. Probably a detail I can bear to skip, but cute nonetheless.
-I can't find the picture, but I'm quite sure I saw somewhere that her school bag has a keychain of one of her signature bunnies on it.
-Of course, the manga Luna Pen! It's a little different than the anime one and is more like a pen and less like a.. well, I'm sure we've all thought it.

I love re-reading the manga. I have to admit, it's been awhile. I highly recommend Miss Dream - it's a lot of fun reading chapters weekly, and you can put them on your Kindle so you don't have to worry about damaging the fragile Mixx manga! Plus, their translations are better than the original Mixx, too.

BTW probably most of you have seen this, but here's a shot of my manga Super Sailor Moon from NYCC that I really love:

Sailor Moon in Times Square by ~mnemosyneforgot on deviantART

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So it's my senior year at university, which means I have an undergraduate thesis to write. It's due in, oh, about a month..

Not to mention I have a lot of other work to do ;__;

So I've decided it's best for me to take a break from EVERYTHING I usually do online and just focus on my studies. So I won't be updating, probably won't be tweeting, or commenting/reading other blogs, etc. (although I will probably keep up with my sales posts in serasell)

I should be back in about a month, and no more than two ^__^ wish me luck!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


An Italian Sailor Moon fan posted this exciting news on the LJ smcollectors community this evening: black and white pictures of brand new Italian Sailor Moon dolls, figures, and even a crescent moon wand!

This comes not too long after a new clothing line was introduced. I'm so anxious to see color pictures of the new dolls and wand!

I'm not sure how I feel about the new dolls yet; the packaging is so new and different! The wand itself looks to be a copy of the older Japan/Europe crescent moon wand, with the three different rings. I honestly don't expect them to make new toys of any items that were never released in Europe in the first place - so probably no Eternal locket or Twinkle Yell. I wonder if there will be a new Star Locket? I'll be pretty happy with whatever we get!

What do you think of this new merchandise? What, if anything, do you plan on buying? I'm not too keen on the dolls, but seeing more pictures could sway me. I'll most likely pick up whatever RPG toys they release - hopefully there will be a lot of them! Sailor Moon is apparently doing really well in Italy, so let's keep our fingers crossed (and our money saved) for a massive influx of new merchandise!

UPDATE: Color pictures of the dolls are here!

UPDATE X2: Color pictures of the figurines, including Beryl and Serenity! Also, trading cards and some cute little Sailor rings!